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Reciprocating Abraser

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A stroke arm moves back and forth while a free-floating test attachment follows the profile of the sample (curved or flat). The Model 5800 Heavy Duty Linear Abraser has a greater load capacity (up to 10 lbs.) and longer stroke length (up to 13") than the standard Taber Linear Abraser Model 5750. Includes 2" diameter Universal Attachment; 3M Scotch Brite Abrasive pads (3 ea.); Weight Set (1000g, 2000g & 4050g); and T-slot Specimen Table, Also works with most optional wear or scratch attachments designed for the Linear or Reciprocating Abrasers.

Unique design ensures simple instrument set-up.
Test specimens are mounted to a sliding platform that moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion under a stationary tool holder. A counterweight enables the operator to balance the test arm prior to applying the test load, thus ensuring the exact load will be applied. An adjustable gantry allows the test system to be positioned according to the height of the specimen. Test parameters such as stroke length, speed, and load are adjustable.
Optional attachments provide versatility to satisfy numerous test requirements.
Incorporated at the end of the test arm is a tool holder to which optional attachments and weights are secured. Ideal for flat surfaces, the Taber Reciprocating Abraser can be configured to evaluate the susceptibility of a material surface to abrasion, scratch, scrape, rub, plus many other physical properties. With optional accessories based on GM test methods, this apparatus will also test the abrasion resistance of textile specimens using various friction media.
Maximize testing time with extra test arm assembly kits.
Using additional test arm kits (sold separately),the Taber Reciprocating Abraser can test up to three specimens simultaneously to increase technician output or compare different product formulations at the same time.


  • Adjustable stroke length (6 mm to 155 mm)
  • Variable stroke speed (3 – 75 cycles per minute)
  • Test load (1N – 24N with optional weight discs)
  • Variable height adjustment (130mm maximum)
  • Wearaser® Collet for vitrified or resilient Wearasers
  • Counterweight balanced
  • Programmable up to 999,999 cycles
  • 115V / 230V switchable


Optional Accessories (sold separately):
  • Additional Testing Arm Kit
  • Wide selection of abradants:
  • Calibrase® CS-8, CS-10F, CS-10, CS-17
  • Calibrade® H-10, H-18, H-22, H-38
  • Scratch Tips (various configurations)
  • Multi-Mar Scratch Attachment (45° or 90°)
  • Universal Attachment
  • ScotchBrite® Abrasive Pad Kit
  • Pencil Hardness Scratch Kit
  • Jumbo Wearaser Collet
  • Scratch Claw Kit
  • GM Abrading Accessories