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    Infrared camera

Infrared camera

  • Ideal for evaluating building energy losses and cut down on expensive heating and cooling bills.

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Saving time, energy and money

The testo 875 thermal imager quickly identifies problems and defects in building envelopes. Use it to evaluate building energy losses and cut down on expensive heating and cooling bills. Energy savings and damage prevention are all in a day’s work with the testo 875.


Meets BPI/RESNET Infrared Imaging System Performance Standards requirements for thermal imagers
Examine building envelopes with the highest ccuracy

Identify potential moisture areas

Pinpoint energy loss from poor insulation

Unique TwinPix software blends both the thermal and visual images together into one image



  • A large 3.5” LCD screen for easier onsite image analysis
  • Best in class 160x120 thermal array
  • BPI/RESNET compliant for weatherization/ HVAC applications
  • < 80 mK NETD to insure the detection of small thermal variations
  • Large 2GB SD card for expanded image storage
  • TwinPix software technology blends thermal and visual image together
  • Surface moisture recognition (875-2 model only)



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Ordering Infromation
Model Part no.
875-1 Thermal Imager Kit 0560 8754
875-2 Thermal Imager Kitwith integrated digital camera
0560 8753
875-2 Deluxe Thermal Imager Kitwith integrated camera, telephoto lens, protective lens,
2 bay battery charger, spare battery and display sunshield
0563 8753
** Note: All imager kits include hard shell case, SD card, USB cable, software, power supply and tripod mounting plate.