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Thermal Imagers

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Quality right out of the box, with class-leading sensitivity and Testo SuperResolution option (320 x 240),this series of imagers provides the right amount of power and flexibility to provide quality thermal imaging at an affordable value.

Available in 4 variations to fit the needs of Building Science and Preventive Maintenance Professionals, the 875i Series supplies the right amount of features for any job site.

  • Large 3.5” LCD Screen
  • Detector Resolution 160 x 180
    • SuperResolution 320 x 240
  • <50 mK NETD sensitivity
  • High Temperature Option 1022ºF
  • TwinPix image blending
  • Solar Mode
  • Isotherms
  • Voice Annotation
  • Customizable Reporting Software


Model875-1875i-1875i-2875i-2 DLX
Catalog Number0560 87510563 0875 710563 0875 720563 0875 73
Warranty2 Years
Detector type160 x 120 FPA160 x 120 FPA160 x 120 FPA160 x 120 FPA
(4x pixel upgrade)
320 x 240 - Optional320 x 240 - Optional320 x 240 - Optional320 x 240 - Optional
Thermal sensitivity80 mK50 mK50 mK50 mK
Visual CameraNAIncluded
Standard Lens32° x 23° / 7" min. focus
Telephoto Lens
9° x 7° / 20" Min. focus
Telephoto Lens
11°x 9° / 19" Min. focus
Telephoto Lens
15°x 11° / 19" Min. focus
Video output Via USBIncluded
Fully Radiometric Video CaptureNA
Lens Protection Glass IncludedOptionalIncluded
IRSoft Analysis & Report software 
Image refresh rate9 Hz33 Hz
Focus modeManual 
Spectral range8 to 14 μm
Image display3.5" LCD
Rotating DisplayNA
Rotating HandleNA
Power LED LightsNAIncluded
(Visual & IR Image Blending)
Panoramic AssistantNA
Site Recognition
(Barcode & Database Solution)
Temperature range536°F662°F
Extended High Temperature RangeNA1022°F Optional
Accuracy±2% of reading
Emissivity Correction0.01 to 1.0
Atmosphere Correction
(Reflected Temperature)
ISO CertificationOptional
Color palettes4999
Voice Annotation
(30 Sec. per image)
NAHeadset Included
Isotherm FunctionNAIncluded
Solar mode
(Solar Intensity Values)
Surface Moisture distributionNAIncluded
Humidity measurement
with Radio Probe
File format.bmt Export formats- bmp, jpg, cvs
Storage device2GB SD Card
Battery typeLi-ion - 4+ hour run time
Additional BatteryOptionalIncluded
Battery ChargingInternal
External Rapid ChargerOptionalIncluded
Operating temperature range5°F to 104°F
Storage Range (IEC 60529)̵ 22°F to 140°F
Vibration (IEC 60068-2-6)2G
WeightApproximately 2 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H) in inches6" x 4.2" x 10.3"
Tripod mountingIncluded
HousingABS Plastic
Software System requirementsWindows XP(SP2),Vista, 7 and USB 2.0 Port