• High Temperature Tube Furnaces

High Temperature Tube Furnaces

with Independent Control

  • Release, fast heat-up and recovery
  • Heating elements are sidewall mounted to protect integrity of chamber roof
  • Type "B" thermocouples assure accurate temperature measurement

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High temperature tube furnaces achieve excellent temperature uniformity at 1700°C with rapid heat-up, recovery and cool-down. 

Moldatherm® graduated density insulation adds to safety and performance by forming enhanced insulation protection between the high temperature chamber and exterior cabinet surface. Moldatherm® graduated density insulation, combined with molybdenum disilicide heating elements, provide superior radial and linear temperature uniformity with resistance to thermal shock. The independent digital temperature control (ordered separately) has 300 programmable segments useful for a wide range of applications.


  • Release, fast heat-up and recovery, reduced thermal process cycle time, and cost savings through quicker throughput and energy efficiencyHeating elements tolerate rapid cycling over extended periods; elements are easily replaceable without the need to match resistance values
  • Heating elements are sidewall mounted to protect integrity of chamber roof; roof penetrations are avoided
  • Type "B" thermocouples assure accurate temperature measurement and long thermocouple life; 10" compensated lead wire with polarized plug included
  • Moldatherm® end vestibules accept 3" O.D. process tube (customer supplied)
  • Optional Moldatherm® vestibules permit operation with 1", 2" and 3" O.D. process tubes for increased versatility
  • Double shell construction and convection cooling design reduces exterior surface temperature
  • Removable louvered panels provide easier access to heating elements and thermocouple



Model Integrated Controller Electrical, 1Ø Watts Ext. (WxF-BxH) *Process Tube (diameter) Heated Length Ship Weight
1700° High Temperature Furnace, Temp. Range 500 to 1700°C
STF54434C CC59256PCOMC 208/240V, 50/60Hz 5000 16x22x19 in.
(40.6x55.9x48.3 cm)
3"(7.62) 12"(30.48) 95lbs (43kg)
STF54454C CC59256PCOM2CKT 208/240V, 50/60Hz 10000 16x34x19 in.
(40.6x86.4x48.3 cm)
3"(7.62) 24"(60.96) 165lbs (75kg)
* Process Tubes: These furnaces are designed for use with a variety of process tubes including alumina, mullite, quartz and metallic. Process tubes are not supplied with furnace. For information on process tubes contact us


1700°C Controller, Programmable, With Communications

Lindberg/Blue M 1700°C Programmable Controllers provide 300 programmable segments for a variety of ramp (up and down) and dwell (timed holds) settings. Controller will accept up to 30 individual programs with up to 99 segments per program. The controller visually displays ramp rate, dwell time, program segment and percent power output. A holdback feature allows the operator to set a -process vs. setpoint" temperature value which, when exceeded, holds the program to allow the process to catch up. The controller includes an advanced self-tuning feature which automatically sets the best PID settings for the thermal process. Two digital displays simultaneously indicate actual temperature and setpoint temperature. High limit overtemperature protection is standard. The control console includes a circuit breaker, power module, transformer and cooling fans.

Controllers include RS485 data port (communications card and port) for connection to remote computer, allowing modification, interrogation and data transfer of all instrument control and configuration parameters. Software not included, but is available as an accessory.


Over temperature Control (OTC)

Adjustable digital overtemperature control, factory installed on selected control consoles with "B" designation; see chart. Protects furnace and load in the event of primary control circuit failure. Overrides main controller, assumes temperature control and shuts off power to furnace if high limit is reached. Manual re-set required for safety. Operates via magnetic contacts through signal from independent thermocouple.



Max Temperature 1700°C (3092°F)
Outside Dimensions 16 x 22 x 19" (40.6 x 55.9 x 48.3 cm)
Chamber Dimensions 3" Dia. x 12" Tube (7.5 cm Dia. x 30.5 cm Tube)
Power 208/240V / 25A / 5000W
Temperature Control Independent
Temperature Range 500°C to 1700°C / 932°F to 3092°F
Display LED; temperature and setpoint in °C or °F
Process Tube Diameter 3" / 7.62 cm
Heated Length 12" / 30.5 cm
Shipping Weight 95 lb / 43 kg
Hertz 50/60