• Thru-Paint Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Thru-Paint Ultrasonic thickness gauges

  • Time - DC-3000 / DC-3020

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  • The Through-Coating thickness measurement (E-E)
  • Pocket Size, easy to operate.
  • Automatic probe Zero calibration
  • Automatic probe identification
  • Measuring Range: E-E: 3-25mm T-E 0.65– 400 mm (Range depends on probe-material combination)
  • Memory: 5000 readings with location number (DC3020)
  • Data output: USB to PC (DC3020)
  • Three measurement modes: T-E, E-E, Scan
  • 9 material velocities are stored for selection, or input the new velocity manual


Standard Delivery
  • Main Unit
  • Standard 5MHZ transducer D5301
  • Built-in calibration Block 4mm
  • Couplant 4 oz
  • Software + Cable(DC3020)
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Operation Manual
  • Carrying Case



Supply schedule
  • Gauge conforming to DIN EN ISO 2808, ASTM D6132, with probe, cable and rechargeable batteries
  • Mains unit with Euro / US adapter
  • Operating instructions
  • Plastic case
  • Coupling liquid, 100 g
  • Software Qsoft
  • RS 232 connection cable
  • Single layer control standard



Measurement modeT-E-Standard measurement: For Normal thickness measurement.
-Minimum measurement: For curved surface
-Differential measurement: Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement or from a user entered reference value
-Average measurement : 2-9 point selectable
-Limit measurement: Min. Max setting and alarm
T-EThe metal wall thickness is accurately and quickly measured in spite of surface coatingxx
ScanThickness value at 10 measurements per second while also display actual thickness (Ideal for high temp. thickness readings)xx
Probe identifyAutoxx
Probe zeroAuto at power up and continuously during the measurementxx
Gain adjustAuto gain adjustment Manual gain adjustment: low, standard and highxx
Memory5000 groups-x
OutputUSB to PC-x
Measuring RangeE-E : 3-25mm T-E: 0.65-400mm(range depends on probe-material combination)xx
Resolution0.01mm (0.001 inch) for thickness up to 99.99mm 0.1mm ( 0.01 inch) for thickness above99.99mmxx
Information DisplayMeasurement reading, Probe type, Velocity, measurement mode, measurement Symbol, Batteryxx
Velocity range9 material velocities are stored for selection, or entre the new velocity manually (1000m/s-9999m/s)xx
Vel. measurementSimply calibrate when a material’s velocity is unknownxx
Display128 x 64 graphics LCD monochromexx
Battery Type2 AAA Alkalinexx
Battery lifeUp to 50 Hours (without Backlight)xx
Shut offAuto, 2Min., 5Min., or never shut off delectablexx
Work. Temperature-20?-50?xx
Dimensions115mm x 64mm x 27mmxx