• Universal Testing Machine Software

Universal Testing Machine Software

  • QC-TECH B1

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Operation interface

  • Operation platform : Windows XP / Vista system.
  • Operation method : by mouse, keyboard, or access kit to adjust the position of grips.
  • Transition : USB two-way transmission

Software functions

  • Test type : Tensile, compression, peeling, shearing, 3-point bending, 4-point bending, abrasion, creeping, fatigue, spring test, or other test type appointed by users. User can also define the test procedure to test specimen.
  • Software can set to be return to zero or not before starting the test
  • Software can set to be return to original position or save the file automatically after finishing the test.
  • Test method comply to ISO/ EN/DIN/ASTM/JIS/GB International Standard
  • Protection : overload or over stroke protection. A material database system.
  • Unit : It contains Metric system and English system according to different sorts, such as strength, length, time, stress, speed. User can decide how many digit they want to display after decimal.
  • Operation interface : Color display with Chinese and English version and display each test data at the same time without limitation.
  • Immediate value : 5 immediate values and the name of value are adjustable.
  • Curve chart : The display property of X-axis and Y-axis is changeable. Chart can be zoom in or zoom out randomly.
  • Multi-curves can be compared at the same time : choose overlap or translation function to compare test result.
  • Analysis formula : The maximum force, the maximum stress, elongation, coefficient of elasticity, yield point, energy or appointed formula by customers’ need.
  • Edit the name of formula : edit the limitation and mark on the curve chart. Statistics Analysis: average value, standard deviation, max value, min value.
  • Print-out date can be modified according to users need.
  • Elevating the precision of loadcell by segmental calibration system.
  • Save the customized test procedure.
  • File saving route is changeable.
  • Password: easy to regulate.
  • Each test file can combine with each other and compare.
  • All the test date can be exported out and edit by Excel.
  • All the analysis form can be exported out and edit by Excel.
  • Curve chart can be exported to a picture file.