• radiometer OmniScan

radiometer OmniScan

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The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool For Conveyor-Based UV Curing
The revolutionary OmniScan is the first UV analyzer to combine dosage measurements for ensuring product quality, with system diagnostics in one simple, automated package.

Run Time System Diagnostics
The OmniScan's exclusive Irradiance Profiler graphically shows the absolute performance of each lamp subassembly in your system. A stored reference plot allows you to compare, on-the-spot, the current performance of the system with your standard operating parameters. There is no need to go to a computer station or to run complicated software.

Complete, easy to understand, run-time analysis of your process and equipment at the press of a single button
The OmniScan maintains all of the excellent optical and signal processing capabilities that have made these instruments the industry standards in sensitivity, accuracy, ease of use and ruggedness. The OmniScan improves on these versions by adding sophisticated run-time system diagnostics.

As the OmniScan passes through the oven, it acquires the maximum irradiance at every point along the curing path. It then shows this information as a graph of irradiance versus position allowing the operator to instantly see the uniformity of the product illumination.

By recalling a stored baseline run, the OmniScan provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the current run. This information is provided automatically and immediately to the operator.

Dose Range1mJ/cm2 to 20J/cm2
Intensity Range1mW/cm2 to 20W/cm2
Cosine ReceptorIntegrating Cavity
Temperature Range10 to 60°C
Out of Band Rejection104
AccuracyTypically better than 6%
DisplayGraphic with 4 significant digits
Information Displayed
  • Dose
  • Maximum irradiance
  • Irradiance uniformity profile
  • Reference profile
  • Difference profile
Spectral Ranges205nm to 345nm or 250nm to 400nm 
Dimensions0.5” x 4.4” x 6.3”
12.7mm x 111mm x 161mm
Weight0.75lbs / 0.34Kg