Direct/residual Shear Machine

Direct/residual Shear Machine

ASTM D3080, AASHTO T236, BS 1377:7, NF P094 071-1/2, CEN-ISO/TS 7982-10

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The DIGISHEAR machine, with digital control and display of speed, is driven by a high resolution stepper motor and worm reduction unit and can accommodate all standard-sized specimens up to 10 cm square and 10 cm diameter.

Vertical load is applied directly to the specimen via a loading yoke and weight hanger, and can be increased by using the counterbalanced lever-arm loading hanger which amplifies the load by a factor of 10. The loading yoke can hold up to 50 kg of weights so that the total load on the specimen can reach 500 N, or 5000 N when the lever-arm hanger is used.


Main featuresTechnical specifications
  • Reversible stepping motor for residual strength testing
  • Infinitely variable speed drive from 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/ min
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Safety device to prevent overload and overtravel
  • Can be fitted with mechanical(analogue) measuring equipment,or electronic with data acquisition and processing
  • Speed range: adjustable from 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/min (preset via firmware)
  • Maximum shear force: 5000 N
  • Maximum vertical load: 500 N or 5000 N using 10:1 lever-arm device
  • Speed drive ratio: stepper motor 1/10000 resolution
  • Horizontal travel: preset via firmware up to 20 mm
  • Displacement limits: controlled by optical safety switch
  • Digital display: 4-row / 20-character LCD. Easy to operate with the membrane keyboard
  • Specimen sizes: 60 and 100 mm square; 50, 60, 63.5 and 100 mm diameter
  • Overall dimensions: 953 x 387 x 1180 mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight: 120 kg (approx.)


The machine is supplied without a shear box assembly, slotted steel weights and load/displacement measurement apparatus, which can be analogue (load ring and dial gauges),or electronic with data acquisition and processing (load cell, displacement transducers and data acquisition system). All these items have to be selected and ordered separately - see Accessories.Shear box


Shear box assemblies 
These shear box assemblies are designed to be used with our 27-WF2060 Digishear, 27-WF2160 Autoshear and 27-WF2180 Shearmatic shear testing machines. The box is manufactured from brass and is designed to confine the specimen whilst permitting free drainage of the surroun- ding water. The complete assembly con- sists of a square box with a rigid-walled round or square hole, with a loading pad, base plate, 2 plain grid plates, 2 perforated grid plates and 2 porous plates. Weight: from 2.5 to 4 kg (approx.)
27-WF0215/BShear box assembly for 60 mm square specimens. 
27-WF0216/BShear box assembly for 100 mm square specimens. 
27-WF0217/BShear box assembly for 50 mm diameter specimens. 
27-WF0218/BShear box assembly for 60 mm diameter specimens. 
27-WF0219/BShear box assembly for 63.5 mm diameter specimens. 
27-WF0222/BShear box assembly for 100 mm diameter specimens. 
Mechanical (analogue) measuring devices 
27-WF1002/STLoad ring, 2000 N capacity, with adapter, or, alternatively

27-WF1003/STLoad ring, 5000 N capacity, with adapter 
30-WF6401Dial gauge for measuring vertical deformation, 10 mm travel, 0.002 mm resolution. 
30-WF6402Dial gauge for measuring horizontal deformation, 30 mm travel, 0.01 mm resolution. 
Equipements de mesure électronique 
27-WF0377/STLoad cell, 5 kN cap., complete with adapters 
30-WF6207Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel, for vertical deformation, complete with mounting block 
30-WF6208Linear potentiometric transducer, 25 mm travel, for horizontal displacement, complete with mounting block 
Data acquisition and processing system
30-WF6016/T2Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template BS 
30-WF6016/T9Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template ASTM 
Weight sets 
27-WF0230/C3Weight set, 37.5 kg in total, comprising: 2 x 0.25, 2 x 0.5, 2 x 1, 3 x 2, 3 x 4 and 2 x 8 kg weights.

27-WF0230/C4Weight set, 34 kg in total, comprising: 2 x 1, 1 x 2 and 3 x10 kg weights. (additional)
Single slotted weights 
27-WF0270/ASlotted steel weight, 0 25 kg ± 3g 
27-WF0271/ASlotted steel weight, 0 5 kg ± 3g 
27-WF0272/ASlotted steel weight 1 kg ± 3g 
27-WF0273/ASlotted steel weight, 2 kg ± 5g 
27-WF0274/ASlotted steel weight, 4 kg ± 5g 
27-WF0275/ASlotted steel weight, 8 kg ± 10g 
27-WF0276/ASlotted steel weight, 5 kg ± 5g 
27-WF0277/ASlotted steel weight, 10 kg ± 10g 



Accessories for shear box assemblies      
Box Code 27-WF0215/BWF0216/BWF0217/BWF0218/BWF0219/BWF0222/B
Sample cutter*WF0215/B7WF0216/B7WF0217/B7WF0218/B7WF0219/B7WF0222/B7
Extrusion dolly*WF0215/8WF0216/8WF0217/8WF0218/8WF0219/8WF0222/8
Spare parts for shear box assemblies      
Box Code, 27-WF0215/BWF0216/BWF0217/BWF0218/BWF0219/BWF0222/B
Loading padWF0215/B2WF0216/B2WF0217/B2WF0218/B2WF0219/B2WF0222/B2
Base plateWF0215/B3WF0216/B3WF0217/B3WF0218/B3WF0219/B3WF0222/B3
Porous plate**WF0215/4WF0216/4WF0217/4WF0218/4WF0219/4WF0222/4
Plain grid plate**WF0215/B5WF0216/B5WF0217/B5WF0218/B5WF0219/B5WF0222/B5
Perforated grid
* Not supplied with the shear box.
They must be order separately
 ** Two pieces are supplied
with each shear box