Front Loading Oedometer

Front Loading Oedometer

BS 1377:5, ASTM D2435, ASTM D3877, ASTM D4546, AASHTO T216, NF P94-090-1...

  • Rigid aluminium alloy frame
  • 3 lever arm position: 9:1, 10:1, 11:1. Max loading 1848 kg
  • Can be fitted with traditional dial gauge or linear transducer for connection to the Geodatalog data acquisition and processing system

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The oedometer consolidation test determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of a soil specimen restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive vertical load increments.

The oedometer apparatus has a rigid aluminium alloy frame which avoids distortion under load. The lever arm assembly is supported in precision self- aligning bearings. Consolidation cells, dial gauge/displacement transducer, weight sets and bench are not included and have to be ordered separately (see Accessories).



Weight sets26-WF0230/C2Weight set, 64 kg in total, comprising: 2 x 0.25, 1 x 0.5, 1 x 1, 1 x 2, 1 x 4 and 7 x 8 kg weights.

26-WF0230/D2Weight set, 80 kg in total, comprising: 2 x 0.25, 3 x 0.5, 1 x1, 1 x2, 3 x 5 and 6 x 10 kg weights.
Mechanical (analogue)
Measuring device
30-WF6401Dial gauge, 10 mm travel, 0.002 mm resolution. 
Permeability attachment26-WF0338/APermeability attachment with 50 ml graduated burette. Complete with clamps, stand and rubber hose for connection to
the cell. Weight 4 kg.
26-WF0338/A fitted to the 26-WF0302 with cell 26-WF0320
Consolidation bench26-WF0312Bench for up to three oedometers.
Weight 30 kg
Electronic measuring devices30-WF6207Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel.
Note: in case displacement transducer is supplied complete with data acquisition system, then a traceable calibration certificate on request.
Data acquisition and processing
30-WF6016/T1Consolidation Geo-Analysis template conforming, to BS 1377:5. 
30-WF6016/T8Consolidation Geo-Analysis template conforming, to ASTM D2435. 


Load pad
Clamping ring
Upper porous disc
Fixing ring
Lower porous disc
Exploded view of consolidation cell 26-WF0320



Consolidation cells and spare parts
Suitable for both fixed ring oedometer consolidation and falling head permeability tests.
The cell is constructed of aluminium and comes complete with all the parts illustrated in the exploded view.



Weight application guide
This information is intended to make it easy to select the weight set that is appropriate for the cell size, the
beam ratio and the maximum load applied


Cell model26-WF0320
Beam ratio 1:10
Beam ratio 1:11
Beam ratio 1:10
Beam ratio 1:9
Beam ratio 1:10
For max. pressure32 kg/cm2 - 64 kg/cm220 t/ft2 - 40 t/ft216 kg/cm2 - 32 kg/cm216 kg/cm2 - 32 kg/cm28 kg/cm2 - 16 kg/cm2
Weight set 26-WF0230/C2 - 0230/C20230/C2 - 0230/C20230/C2 - 0230/C20230/D2 - 0230/D20230/D2 - 0230/D2
Add. weight 27-WF   (-) - 8 x 0275/A   (-) - 8 x 0275/A    (-) - 8 x 0275/A   (-) - 8 x 0277/A    (-) - 8 x 0277/A
Total weight kg64 - 12864 - 12864 - 12880 - 16080 - 160



Typical consolidation configurations

Standard, with analogue dial gauge
26-WF03021Front loading oedometer

26-WF032 X(1)1Consolidation cell
26-WF0230/C21Weight set, 64 kg in total
30-WF64011Dial gauge, 10 mm x 0.002 mm divisions
26-WF03121Consolidation bench for up to 3 oedometers
(1) to be selected



With digital data acquisition and processing

26-WF03021Front loading oedometer
26-WF032 X(1)1Consolidation cell
26-WF0230/C21Weight set, 64 kg in total
30-WF62071Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel
30-WF60421Transducer extension cable, 6 m long
82-P9008/ELT1Set of four cables
30-WF60081Geodatalog, 8-channel data acquisition system
0-WF6016/T11Geo-Analysis template to BS or Geo-Analysis template to ASTM
26-WF03121Consolidation bench for up to 3 oedometers
(1)to be selected


BS 1377:5 | ASTM D2435 | ASTM D3877| ASTM D4546 | AASHTO T216 | NF P94-090-1 | NF P94-091 | UNE 103-405 | UNE 103-602

  • Max loading (using 11:1 lever arm ratio): 1848 kg, corresponding to 9.061 MPa (92.40 kgf/cm2) on a 20 cm2 specimen (50.47 mm diameter)
  • Overall dimensions: 500 x 200 x 750 mm (height without hanger x width x length)
  • Weight: 21 kg (approx.)

Code 26-Specimen Dimensions (dxh) mmSpecimen area cm2Cell dim. (dxh) mmWeight (kg)Calibration disc, code 26-Upper porous disc code 26-Lower porous disc code 26-Cutting ring code 26-
26-WF032050.47 x 2020 00139x141.3WF0320/9WF0320/4WF0325/10WF0320/3
26-WF032163.50 x 2031.67139x141.3WF0321/9WF0321/4WF0326/10WF0321/3
26-WF032571.40 x 2040.00139x141.3WF0325/9WF0325/4WF0325/10WF0325/3
26-WF032675.00 x 2044.16139x141.3WF0326/9WF0326/4WF0326/10WF0326/3
26-WF0335112.80 x 25100.00200x743.0WF0335/9WF0335/4WF0335/10WF0335/3