Standard Triaxial Cells

Standard Triaxial Cells

and Accessories

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These cells essentially consist of a transparent polycarbonate chamber which has a top plate with a piston assembly fitted into it and a double flange base fitted to the bottom.

Three (or six) simple thumbscrews are used to clamp the upper part of the cell to the base, which makes assembly and disassembly a very quick and simple operation. The base of the cell has four inlet points for top drainage/back pressure, cell pressure and base drainage/pore water pressure. Two of these are supplied with special no-volume-change valves. Pedestals, top caps, porous discs, rubber membranes and O-rings are not included and have to be ordered separately.

Nominal sample diameter, mm5070100
Sample diameter range, mm35 à 5035 à 7070 à 100
Maximum working pressure, kPa170017001700
Maximum cell height, mm450500560
Cell diameter, mm (inc. valves)270310340
Weight, kg (approx.)5815
No. of inlet points4* (for top drainage/back pressure, cell pressure and base
drainage/pore pressure)
Effective stress/Total stress testingOKOKOK
Ordering InformationStandard triaxial cell for 35, 38 and 50 mm
diameter samples.
Standard triaxial cell for 35, 38, 50 and 70
mm diameter samples.
Standard triaxial cell for 70 and 100 mm
diameter samples.
* Two valves are already included, the other two must be ordered separately.



1. Pedestal. Used to adapt the triaxial cell base for different sample sizes. Supplied complete with a solid disc for tests without drainage.
2. Top cap. Used to spread the load evenly over the whole cross-sectional area of the sample when drainage to the top of the sample is required. Includes a nylon tube and connector for the drainage line
3. Porous disc. Acts as a filter ensuring that the passage of water into and out of the sample is evenly spread over the whole cross-sectional area. Two are required - one for the top of the sample and one for the base
4. Rubber membrane. Provides a protective waterproof barrier around the sample. Made of rubber latex and supplied in packs of 10.
5. O-rings. Used to seal the membrane against the pedestal and the top cap at either end of the sample. Supplied in packs of 10.
6. Membrane stretcher. Used to the membrane open so it can be easily placed over the specimen without any disturbance.
7. Filter paper drains. Used as side drains when specimens have low permeability. They are particularly useful when saturating clays before consolidation and shearing. Pack of 50.
8. Split sand former. A specially designed piece of equipment for use when preparing non-cohesive soils which otherwise could not be mounted in a triaxial cell.
9. Drainage burette. 10 ml capacity burette used to prepare non-cohesive specimens by applying a negative pressure to the base of the specimen and for measuring drainage into and out of the specimen when testing with the specimen open to the atmosphere. Supplied with connections for triaxial cell.
10. O-ring placing tool. Used for applying the O-rings with the minimum disturbance to the sample.
11. No-volume-change valve. Identical to the two valves supplied with the triaxial cells and used for opening and closing the base drainage line whenmeasuring pore pressure or fitting the drainage burette.
12. Split mould. Used for trimming the ends of undisturbed soil specimens.


Base adapter
2 Porous top cap
3 Porous disc
4 Rubber membrane
5 Sealing rings
6 No-volume change valvet


Triaxial cell pedestals
Each cell has to be fitted with a pedestal corresponding to the size of the specimens to be tested. Using specific 
adaptive pedestals it is possible to test specimens with different diameters in the same triaxial cell - see the table
below. All pedestals are permeable, with holes for base drainage/pore pressure measurement, and are supplied
complete with a solid disc for use in undrained tests.

Dia. , mmStandard triaxial cell product code​


Triaxial cell and sample accessories

Diameter, mm35385070100
Top cap28-WF0420/A328-WF0422/A328-WF0425/A328-WF0428/A328-WF0432/A3
Porous discs (2)28-WF0420/A428-WF403428-WF405428-WF407428-WF4104
Membranes (pack of 10)28-WF0420/A528-WF403528-WF405528-WF407528-WF4105
O-rings (pack of 10)28-WF0420/728-WF403628-WF405628-WF407628-WF4106
Membrane stretcher28-WF0420/828-WF4031/A28-WF4051/A28-WF4071/A28-WF4101/A
O-ring placing tool28-WF0420/1028-WF4031/B28-WF4051/B28-WF4071/B28-WF4101/B
Two-part split former28-WF0420/A628-WF0422/A628-WF0425/A628-WF0428/A628-WF0432/A6
Two-part split mould28-WF0420/1328-WF4031/D28-WF4051/D28-WF4071/D28-WF4101/D
Lateral filter drains (pack of 50)28-WF0420/A928-WF4031/E28-WF4051/E28-WF4071/E28-WF4101/E
Drainage burette28-WF0420/1128-WF0420/1128-WF0420/1128-WF0420/1128-WF0432/111
Filter discs (pack of 100)-28-WF4031/F28-WF4051/F28-WF4071/F28-WF4101/F
Hand sampler28-WF0420/928-WF4031/G28-WF4051/G28-WF4071/G28-WF4101/G
1 50 ml model.


Other accessories

28-WF4005/39Platen adapter to fit standard triaxial cellonto TRITECH50 and TRITECH100 frames
86-D0845Water-repellent grease, 1 kg box
28-WF0420/15Greaser for triaxial cells.
28-WF0490/1Flaring tool.
28-WF0490Nylon tubing, OD6 mm x ID 4 mm, 20 m.
28-WF0420/12No-volume-change valve.