• Densimètre électronique

Densimètre électronique

  • Higher accuracy with resolution of 0.001g/cm3, and reference value of 0.0001g/cm3 can be displayed
  • No need to open and close the lid with new designed Sensor
    Smaller size lid brings less error value, and less operation time
  • Improves working efficiency and repeatability with Auto-Weighing function (Semiautomatic measurement)
  • New function of powder density simple measurement
  • Density variation of absorbent sample can be measured
  • Floating objects and Pellets can be measured easy
  • Liquid density with optional kit


  • Bigger sample which could not fit in previous models, with weight 3000g can be measured
  • Minimum resolution of 0.01g/cm3, and reference value of .001g/cm3 can be displayed



Product Name MDS-300 MDS-3000
Resolution 0.001 (0.0001) g/cm3 0.01 (0.001) g/cm3
Capacity 0.001(0.0001) ?300g 0.01(0.001) ?3000g
Features Solid, Liquid, Powder Solid, Liquid, Powder
Display Density, Volume, Tolerance Density, Volume, Tolerance
Weight / Dimension 2.8 kg / (D)260 x (W)190 x (H)200 mm 4.2 kg / (D)260 x (W)240 x (H)240 mm