• Dispositif de mesure de la couleur pour couleurs métalliques

Dispositif de mesure de la couleur pour couleurs métalliques

  • BYK - BYK-mac

Total color impression of effect finishes
The appearance of effect finishes is influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. Apart from a light-dark flop and color shift special sparkling effects can be created.

The BYK-mac is unique as it measures both multi-angle color and flake characterization in one portable device.
  • Traditional 5-angle color measurement: 15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°
  • Additional color measurement behind the gloss for color travel of interference pigments: -15°
  • Sparkle and graininess measurement for flake characterization


Ergonomic design and easy operation

The shape of the instrument is designed to ensure easy handling and true portability. With an intuitive menu quality control of metallic finishes has never been easier.

  • Menu guided operation according to your own sampling procedure
  • Designated buttons for standard and sample readings
  • Scroll wheel to select menu functions
  • Large display: complete statistics for selectable values and alphanumerical name input
  • Storage of up to 1000 readings in selectable memories
  • Auto-chart software for professional analysis, documentation and data management



Reliable readings at any time
In order to guarantee stable positioning, the BYK-mac is equipped with trigger pins on the bottom plate of the instrument. If all pins do not contact the surface an error message is displayed. This ensures reproducible results on test panels and curved parts (r > 500 mm).

Additionally, the surface temperature is measured and saved with each measurement.



Always ready

The BYK-mac uses a light source with long term stability and patented illumination control which provides superior accuracy and low maintenance for many years.

  • Stable, long term calibration - needed only every three months
  • Temperature independent measurement results between 10 - 40 °C - without calibration
  • Excellent agreement between instruments
  • 10 year warranty on the light source - no lamp changes needed
  • The instrument is operated with 4 AA NiMH or rechargeable batteries - good for 1000 readings. Optionally an external power supply can be used.