• Essais de force et déformation

Essais de force et déformation

Extracteur pour cellule triaxial Hoek

  • - GEN0570

The GEN0570 Specimen Extruder is used to extrude the rock sample from its jacket while avoiding to emptying the pressure fluid (confining oil) out of the Hoek Cell.

It consists of a steel frame with a rack and pinion mechanism. Supplied complete with BX and NX type adaptors.


Dimensions 470 x220x 200 mm
Weight (approx.) 13 kg


Ordering Informations
Cat. No. Description
GEN0570 Specimen Extruder for Hoek Triaxial Cells
GEN0572 Extruder Adaptor Set for BX Specimens
GEN0574 Extruder Adaptor Set for NX Specimens