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This test set includes all the equipment needed to perform three SCC test precedures: the spread test according to ASTM C-1611, the J-Ring test used to determine the ability of SCC mixtures to flow around rebar and other reinforcing structure in concrete forms, and the Column Segregation Test to determine the potential segregation of coarse aggretate in SCC mixtures. 

The Base Plate and slump cone conform to ASTM C-1611. The J-Ring meets the new ASTM specification C-1621 and C-1621M-06 Standard Test Method for Passing Ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J-Ring.

LAG-3774 SCC Complete Test Set


Description, Set Component Part
LA-0267-01 Straighedge
LA-0275 Slump Cone
LA-4260 J-Ring
LA-4261 Base Plate for SCC Spread Test
LA-4261-01 Decal for Scc Base Plate
LA-4262 Column Segregation Tester Assembly w/clamp
LA-4262-02 Collector Plate