• Ensemble d'essais J-Ring

Ensemble d'essais J-Ring

Béton Auto-Plaçant

ASTM C 1621, C 1621M-06

Meets the new ASTM specification C 1621 and C 1621M-06 Standard Test Method for Passing Ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J-Ring.

The Forney J-Ring Test Set contains everything you need to determine the ability of SCC mixtures to flow around rebar and other reinforcing structure in concrete forms. The test can be used in the laboratory for comparing the passing ability of different mixtures or in the field for QC testing.  The set features a heavy-duty steel J-ring and a large, rigid plastic base plate on which to perform the test, a slump cone and straightedge. 
 J-Ring, Base Plate and slump cone conform to ASTM C-1611 and C-1612/C 1621M-06.   J-ring is 12 in diameter and approximately 5 in high. The base plate is 36 x 36 x 3/8 inches thick (914 x 914 x 9.5mm).

LAG-3770 J-Ring Test Set

LA-0267-01 Straightedge

LA-0275 Slump Cone

LA-4260 J-Ring

LA-4261 Base plate for SCC spread test

LA-4261-01 Decal for SCC Base Plate