• Ensemble d'essais ségrégation et étalement

Ensemble d'essais ségrégation et étalement

Béton Auto-Plaçant

ASTM C-1611

Set includes everything needed to perform both the spread test according to ASTM C-1611 and the Column Segretation Test used to determine the potential segregation of coarse aggregates in SCC mixtures. 

Base Plate and slump cone conform to ASTM C-1611. ASTM specification for the J-ring is pending (expected Spring 2006).

LAG-3773 SCC Spread and Segregarion Test Set
LA-0267-01 Straightedge
LA-0275         Slump Cone
LA-4261         Base plate for SCC spread test
LA-4261-01 Decal for SCC Base Plate
LA-4262         Column Segregation Tester Assembly
LA-4262-02 Collector Plate