• Appareil d'essai de ductilité

Appareil d'essai de ductilité

Température contrôlée

ASTM D113, ASTM D5892, ASTM D6084, AASHTO T51

The H-1068 Ductility Testing Machine takes our H-1068X machine and adds a circulating temperature control unit.

Solid-state thermostatically controlled bath and circulator maintain water temperature within a ± 0.9°F (± 0.5°C). The H-1068B is a three-speed machine designed for Standard and Force Ductility tests.

The unit tests three briquets simultaneously and its DC, direct-drive motor maintains constant speed, entirely vibration-free. Speeds of 1/4, 1 or 5cm per minute are selected via lever shift on mechanical gear box.

A single brass lead screw mounted above water level prevents agitation of water and premature rupture of specimens. A traveling pointer adjusts to zero starting position and indicates exact position of carriage on a linear centimeter scale attached to trough's front edge.

Maximum carriage travel (elongation) is 150cm with an automatic stop. The Unit has a stainless steel interior with an overflow connection, and a baked enamel stainless steel-wrapped exterior.

Gears are bronze or brass; all other parts are solid brass to prevent rusting. Finned stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom provide efficient thermal transfer. Includes a 6' (183cm) cord, feed-through switch and 3-prong plug.  Includes 3 standard H-1080 briquet molds with H-1090 plates. Trough overall dimension: 11-3/4 x 74 x 6-3/8"H.H-1068PC Plastic Cover is recommended to maintain constant tank temperature

Shipping wt. 430 lbs. (195 kg)


Cat. No. Description
HU1068B Ductility Testing machine, Temperature Controlled 120v/60hz
HU1068B.2F Ductility Testing machine, Temperature Controlled 220v/60hz


HU1068PC,ht Clear Cover for Ductility Machine
HU1068.100, fr Ductility Machine Stand
HU1030, fr Ductility Briquet Mold
HU1080, fr Ductility Briquet Mold
HU1090, fr Base Plate
HU1090.3, fr Base Plate, Triple Mold