• Appareil d'essai automatique

Appareil d'essai automatique

Point éclair

  • Koehler - Cleveland Flash Point K87400/K87490

ASTM D 92, ISO 2592, IP 36 , NFT 60118, NF EN 22592

  • Automatic instrument
  • The K87400 flash point open cup is strickly in accordance with the above mentioned standards. It is provided with two ligths which can be shaped electric or gas. In this second shape, the flame is under control with a thermocouple for safety reasons
  •  The K87400 provides the last technical improvements and the testing process can be supervised at distance thanks to a large graphic display.
  • The flash point and the fire point are detected automatically with a flame ionisation method. Optional, the NCL 440 exits with a sample passer (6 cups) in order to run many tests. The sample is placed at the beginning of the analysis or during a test. A priority analysis function is available for an urgent test. 
  • The K87400 has been designed in order to operate between ambiant temperature to +400°C.
  • The K87400 can be connected to a network with its plug RS232C to send results. Moreover, the last 100 results are in memory.
  • A friendly software permits to enter the safety parameters, calibration with the keyboard, the maintenance and diagnostic functions.


Ordering information
CAT. NO. Description
K87400 Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester, 115V/60Hz
K87490 Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester, 230V/50Hz