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    Pénétromètre à cône suédois

Pénétromètre à cône suédois

  • NQ2501110

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The Fall Cone apparatus provides a rapid, simple and accurate method for determining the undrained shear strength and the sensitivity of both undisturbed and remoulded clays.

The relationship between the depth of penetration of the fall cone and the undrained shear strength has been determined after many years of research. The equipment is also used for determination of liquid limits (fineness number).

In the new model, the fall cone is suspended and released by push button mechanism. The testing capacity covers a range of shear strengths from 0.01 to 20 t/m2.


  • Fast and accurate measurement
  • Portable and easy to use


Cat. No.Description
NQ2501110-Fall cone penetrometer complete Including 10g, 60g, 100g cones and 1-storage case for 4 cones.
NQ25011104Cone 400g, 30°
Penetration (mm)Apex angleWeightUntrained shear strength (kPa)
5 - 2060°10 GM g1 - 0.063
5 - 1560°60 GM g6 - 0.67
5 - 1530°100 GM g40 - 4.5
4 - 1530°400 GM g250 - 18