• Pompe a vide

Pompe a vide

Sans huile (29.6in Hg)

  • GEMA240-0

ASTM D2041, ASTM D2172

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 The Oilless Vacuum Pump offers vacuum capacity equivalent to many oil systems, with a cost-effective oilless pump package.

The 1/3hp motor pulls a vacuum to 29.6in Hg (759.46mm),with free-air displacement up to 45L/min (1.6cfm) and ultimate pressure of 7.5Torr.


  • Cost-sensitive package with capacity comparable to similar oil systems
  • Free-air displacement up to 45L/min
  • Ultimate pressure of 7.5Torr

Included Items:

  • Oilless Vacuum Pump
  • NEMA guarded switch
  • Grounded electric cord


Cat No  Description
GEMA240-0Oilless Vacuum Pump