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Radar d'inspection

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Introducing next-generation "High-resolution Handy Search"!

In recent years, the density of rebars is increasing to improve the durability of concrete structures, which is driving the demand for search equipment with higher resolution.

We developed improved search resolution in the horizontal direction and better search accuracy for shallow rebars and kept the popular performance (compact and lightweight) of the Handy Search NJJ-95B.

Principle of Handy Search

This device radiates electromagnetic waves through a concrete surface and receives reflected signals from objects such as reinforcing steel bars, cavities, or other objects that have different electrical characteristics from concrete.

Main Features

  • Higher resolution when searching horizontally
    Possible to determine rebar at 40 mm intervals from 75 and 175 mm deep.
  • Higher definition when searching horizontally
    Search definition improved from 5 mm to 2.5 mm intervals.
  • Compact and weight saving
    The integration of the main-body display with an antenna section makes the device compact. It weighs only 1.2 kg which enables you to operate it with one hand.
  • Search of both metallic and non-metallic objects
    The radar system makes it possible to search for non-metallic items, such as vinyl chloride pipes and cavities, as well as metallic objects, such as reinforcing steel bars (Only skillful operators are able to analyze the image data of non-metallic objects.)
  • Data maintenance and replay
    Up to15 meters of data can be saved and replayed in a single measurement.
  • Cable-less printing
    Cable-less connectivity makes it easy to print directly to the specialized black-and-white printer (option).

New Functions

  • Added new imaging process
    Added average wave processing and user surface wave processing to the existing imaging processes (original,fixed, subtraction, manual, and peak).
  • Expanded depth display
    Added wide-range display function that shows twice the measured depth.
  • Start-up state selection function
    Added a function to store settings at shut down to save time when starting up for the next job.
  • Expanded depth calibration value
    Possible to set calibration values at 0.1 steps from 2.0 to 20.0.

Applicable Fields

  • Concrete anchoring
  • Coring
  • Electrical facility construction
  • Air conditioning facility construction
  • Gas construction
  • Water supply works
  • Restoration of concrete structures
  • Concrete building diagnosis
  • Concrete bridge completion test, etc.
System Electromagnetic radar
Search target Reinforcing steel bars, vinyl chloride pipes, cavities, etc.
Covering thickness 5 to 300mm (For top reinforcement while the relative dielectric constant of concrete is 6.2 and the reinforcing steel bar diameter is 6mm or more)
Resolution of covering depth Shallow mode: About 1mm, Deep mode: About 2mm
Resolution in horizontal direction Search target at a depth below 75mm: 75mm or more
Search target at a depth of 75mm or more:
Interval equivalent to the depth or more
* Actual measurements with standard concrete (Possible to determine rebar at 40mm intervals from 75 and 175mm deep)
Resolution in horizontal distance 2.5mm
Maximum search distance 15m
Display mode B mode (vertical sectional view), BA mode (vertical sectional view, reflected waveform display)
Image processing

With search: Automatic real-time surface wave processing, manual real-time subtraction processing, and real-time user surface wave processing

Without search: Fixed surface wave processing, user surface wave processing, manual surface wave processing, average wave processing, peak processing, original image replay processing

Display TFT color LCD (640 x 480bits)
Depth calibration 2.0 to 20.0 in steps of 0.1
Maximum scanning rate About 40cm/s with over-speed alarm buzzer provided
Control function Cursor mark (up to 42 points), battery capacity display, screen inversion
Output function Dedicated-printer output function (IrDA)
Search data recording function
Memory capacity
Data saved in compact flash memory.
Approximately 200 passes(15-m search data saved in binary format) when using 1-GB memory
Temperature range 0°C to +50°C
Power supply Battery pack, AC adapter (optional)
Continuous use time About 1.5 hours (with the battery pack being fully charged)
Structure Splash/rain resistant
Dimensions About 149 (W) x 147 (H) x 216 (D) mm
Weight About 1.2kg (battery pack included)
Handy Search NJJ-105   With integrated antenna
Accessories Instruction manual   1  
Battery for main unit BP-3007 series 1 Lithium ion battery
Battery charger for BP-
BC-3008 series 1 For the battery pack
AC cable CB-JP05 1 For the battery charger
Hand strap H-7ZCMD0018 1 To prevent dropping
Compact flash 
TS1GCF80 1 1GB (for approx. 3km or 1.9miles data)
Case H-7ZYMD0027 1 Storage for printer etc.
Battery pack for Handy Search BP-3007 For Handy Search
Battery charger set for BP-3007 CBK-154 Battery charger and AC cable
Printer set CMZ-303 Printer and battery pack
Recording paper (10 rolls)
Battery pack for printer set BP-L0720 series For printer set
Battery charger set for BP-L0720 CBK-254 Battery charger and AC cable
AC adapter set CBD-2485 AC adapter and AC cable
Recording paper TP451C 10 rolls per box
Radar 3D_Light Surface image synthesis software for PC
RC report maker Surface image analysis software for PC