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    Presse «Triaxial»

Presse «Triaxial»

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  • Rapid approach facility
  • Audible alarm at limit of travel
  • All steel construction, stainless steel platen
  • Triaxal load frame 50kN

The Tritech 50 isdesigned to be used as part of a computer-controlled triaxial system or as a stand-alone unit. The RS232 interface enables it to be used with any computer. Combined with a logger the system can control the direction of travel, speed, rapid approach and unloading. The use of transducers will give automatic data acquisition and feedback to ensure accurate control of loading and strain in the sample.

Simple control buttons on the front panel provide fast/slow, up/down and stop commands for platen movement. A waterproof membrane seals the panel and digital diplay from water and dust.

The load frame is of rigid chromed steel twin column construction, for rigidity at high loads. Stabilising bars are supplies as standard, to screw into the top of triaxal cells of 70mm diameter or larger, for added stability. All external parts are either stove enamel painted or chrome plated for corrosion protection. The loading paten is made from stainless steel.

Maximum sample size105mm diameter
Minimum speed0.00001mm per minute
Maximum speed9.99999mm per minute
Maximum load


Minimum vertical clearance335mm
Maximum vertical clearance1000mm
Horizontal clearance364mm
Platen diameter158mm
Platen travel100mm

10056Tritech 50kN Load Frame 240V 50Hz 1ph
10057Tritech 50kN Load Frame 110V 60Hz 1ph