Ultraviolet Crosslinkers

Ultraviolet Crosslinkers

  • N95 mask disinfection applications include delivering up to 10 J/cm2 of germicidal ultraviolet (UV)
  • Capable of delivering up 10 J/cm2 of UVA, UVB, or UVC
  • Safety interlocks to prevent users from accidental UV exposure 
  • Ultraviolet light spans from 100-400 nm

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The CL-3000 UV Crosslinker is designed to measure and control the ultraviolet (UV) radiation within the exposure chamber.

CL-3000 General Applications:

  • UV induced mutations
  • Membrane crosslinking
  • Biomolecular crosslinking
  • UV dose calibrated to a NIST traceable standard

Shortwave UV (UVC) as a Disinfectant

Ultraviolet light is considered an ancillary disinfectant to chemical disinfectants in the healthcare environment. Our high-precision CL-3000 crosslinker is capable of producing a cumulative dosage of 1 J/cm2, this is considered well beyond the requirement needed for disinfection. The CL-3000 provides near-uniform UVC light with a ~10% coefficient of variation and less than 2 mJ/cm2 difference between the highest and lowest reading. Most importantly, the CL-3000 has real-time monitoring of UVC dosage to assure reproducible dosing irrespective of space and time.

Immobilization of Nucleic Acids to Membranes

The UVP Crosslinker is a microprocessor-controlled UV irradiation system dedicated to nucleic acid linking to membranes for Southern, Northern, Dot, and Slot Blot applications.

Microprocessor Controlled Reproducibility

The programmable microprocessor constantly monitors the UV light emission. Irradiation stops exactly when the programmed energy is achieved. Thus, the effect of decreasing UV intensity due to bulb aging is compensated for.


The UVP Crosslinker combines the latest UV technology with high-quality manufacturing: an aluminum UV exposure chamber, a protective quartz disk on the UV sensor cell, and a highly resistant and easy-to-clean keypad and housing.

Ease of use

The large display provides a series of predefined methods, making the UVP Crosslinker an easy-to-use yet powerful instrument for immobilization of nucleic acids to membranes. The programmed data are shown on the LED display.

Product Details

  • Built-in radiometer calibrated to a NIST traceable standard enables precise and accurate dosing to obviate end-user calibration 
  • Safety interlocks to prevent users from accidental UV exposure 
  • Capable of delivering up 10 J/cm2 of UVA, UVB, or UVC
  • Extensive publication record using UVP Crosslinkers (here)
  • Highly-uniform surface illumination
  • Compact-size to accommodate limited lab space
Technical SpecificationsCL-3000CL-3000MCL-3000L
Wavelengths254 nm302 nm365 nm
Bulbs6 x 8 Watt
Energy0000.1 - 9999.9 mJ/cm² (0 - 10 J/cm²)
Time000:01 - 999:59 (>300 J/cm²)
Temperature15⁰C - 35⁰C
Humidity70% Non-Condensing
Altitudeup to 3,000M (9,842 ft)
Sound Level≤ 50 dba
Housing Surface Temp≤ 30⁰C
Startup Time< 1 sec
External Dim (L x W x H)41 cm x 40 cm x 26.5 cm
Internal Dim (L x W x H)35 cm x 27 cm x 16 cm
Weight6.8 Kg: 15 lb
Operating Power100 - 115VAC & 230VAC 50/60Hz
CertificationsCE, RoHS (CSA In Process)