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AK-5/100 STENT Automatic Balance for Stents

  • Maximum capacity [Max]: 5.1g
  • Readability [d]: 0.1µg

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AK-5/100 STENT Automatic Balance for Stents

The AK-5/100 STENT automatic balance for stents operates with the readability of d = 0.1 μg. The device features a special working mode which makes it possible to analyse the change in sample mass during the technological process.

Automatic Operation

Automation of the weighing cycle, thanks to the elimination of an error being a result of the human factor, is a guarantee of measurement repeatability and accuracy impossible to be obtained in the case of manual weighing. This is especially crucial when assessing emission of particulate pollutants, emitted by combustion engines (Euro 6 0,8 Standard),additionally it allows to conduct research works with the measurement repeatability of sd < 0.8 μg.

Stent Container

Automatic balance for stents, the AK-5/100 STENT, enables users to create identical test conditions for the entire stent series. With use of the stent container, the user can weight a series of 5 stents maximum, one by one, thus the necessity to place one stent on the pan each time is avoided.

Accessories for Stent Weighing

Weighing pan of custom design allows convenient weighing of 40 mm stents with a diameter of even 20 mm. A special applicator facilitates stent loading.

Spacious Chamber and Ease of Operation

In the weighing chamber there are perfect conditions necessary to enable highly precise weighing. The spacious chamber makes loading of the weighing pan with stents comfortable and uncomplicated.

Measurement of Ambient Conditions in the Weighing Chamber

The automatic balance for stent weighing, AK-5/100 STENT, is equipped with a high-class thermo-hygro-barometer allowing to test ambient conditions in real time with the accuracy of: ± 1 hPa (pressure) / ± 1.8% (humidity) / ± 0.1 °C (temperature).

Metrological parameters
Maximum capacity [Max]5.1 g
Readability [d]0.1 µg
Tare range-5.1 g
Standard repeatability [5% Max]0.8 µg
Standard repeatability [Max]1 µg
Standard minimum weight (USP)0.8 mg
Standard minimum weight (U=1%, k=2)0.08 mg
Permissible repeatability [5% Max]1.5 µg
Permissible repeatability [Max]2 µg
Linearity±5 µg
Physical parameters
Display5.7” resistive colour touchscreen
Device dimensions395×195×420 mm
Packaging dimensions860×800×550 mm
Net weight20 kg
Gross weight30 kg
Communication interface
Wi-Fi®Interface1× standard
IN/OUT Interface4 IN 4 OUT standard
Electrical parameters
Power supply100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

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