exfoliative cytology Autocyto Prep-Staining System

Autocyto Prep-Staining System

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The clinical application of exfoliative cytology has been widely recognized in cancer diagnosis thanks to the development of centrifuge, TCT and sedimentation methods

Analysis of the three major technologies indicates that they all have certain aspects that need to be improved. Our newly developed CytoSmart 30 Autocyto Prep-Staining System combines the all three methods into one system, saves processing time and effort, and makes the whole procedure automatic as long as a better slide outcome.


  • Fully automatic operation from slide making to staining, artificial errors can be avoided. 
  • Uses high precision pressure sensor when obtaining specimen to ensure the amount of the cell for diagnosis use.
  • Individual slide staining technique is adopted to precisely control stain amount. Also, the individual staining reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • This product has fully automatic control with a user-friendly operation interface. No additional computers and programs are needed. When operating the system, pre-set the slide number. The whole process will run automatically.
  • Has the reminding function for adding stains.
  • Air springs are applied to the flipping lids. Turing lids would not interrupt the operator’s movements.
  • Automatic senses the flipping lid status. For safety matters, the products will stop moving in both vertical and horizontal directions when the lids are open.
  • Double trail structure to ensure steady movement horizontally.
  • Support batch slides making and staining. 1-30 units of the specimen and be processed once.
  • The dispensed fluid recycling system ensures minimizes the contamination in the laboratory.
  • Helps to enhance the reusability of one specimen—4 slides can be made out of one specimen.


Maximum slides making and staining amount 30 slides
Processing speed 120-150 slides/day
Slides capacity 30 slides
Membrane cup capacity: 30 cups
Specimen bottle capacity: 30
Three Stain bottles 65ml each, contains hematoxylin, ammonium hydroxide and EA50+orange, uses 100ul for each individual slide staining. 
Cleaning solution95%, 100% alcohol and PBS Powdered
Capacity of one load of stain 200 slides
Dimension(WxDxH) 1205mm x 835mm x 705mm 
Power Voltage 100V~120V/200V~240V  50/60Hz
Power Rating ≤150W
Weight 161kg