Digital slide scanner pathology

Digital slide scanner

  • Automatic Scanning
  • Display scanning progress
  • Display the scanning process information

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    High quality:

    • High-precision and high-quality panoramic digital slide images
    • Nanoscale positioning accuracy of the stage ensures no loss of trace details
    • Adopt a more expensive professional line 3CCD camera, with the 3 independent color channels to ensure more accurate results
    • Automatic Scanning
    • Display scanning progress
    • Display the scanning process information

    Good system integration

    • Associated with the Pathology Management System, Digital Slide, Cases of clinical findings, and Gross examination as a whole viewing digital images is more convenient
    • Allows viewing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) while viewing panoramic digital slide images with remote consultation software to achieve remote real-time consultation

    Automatic pathology image scanning hosts

    • Slide loading and unloading: Automatic, five standard slides scanning
    • Scanning technology: Line Scanning
    • Objective: 20× N.A.0.75
    • Scanning magnification:20X,40X
    • Scan Area: Automatic identification and manual adjustment
    • Scan resolution: ≤0.50μm/pixel(20×),≤0.25μm/pixel(40×)
    • Scan speed: Within the range of 15mm × 15mm, at 20 magnification, scanning time ≤45 seconds, at 40 magnification, scanning time ≤120 seconds
    • Focus Mode: Autofocus and manual settings

     Scanning control and viewer software

    • Image Quality: Seamless image
    • Image adjustment: contrast, brightness, and Gamma Correction for analysis
    • Slide Naming: Manual input and automatic identification bar code
    • Image display: Zoom in or zoom out, move the location, and supports auto-play mode, saving valuable time for physicians without missing any sections detail
    • Image annotation and measurement functions: You can use the software to add a comment on an image, including rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, and flags, and provides quick navigation between annotation.
    • MultiChart preview and contrast
    • Automatic identification Scan Area, and automatic setting focus
    • Scan Preview: During the scanning process, you can see the scan slide number, and the position of the slide scan region on the display

    Image viewer management software

    • Supports local reviewer 
    • Supports IE browser
    • Supports iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
    • Freedom Zoom, pan
    • Various annotations (graphics, text)
    • Automatic measuring length, area, etc.
    • Annotations management 
    • Ruler and grid display
    • Image brightness and contrast adjustment
    • Simple operation without training

    Remote consultation software

    • Voice, video, handwriting input and other real-time communication
    • Electronic whiteboard (tagging, etc.)
    • Slide synchronized display
    • Slide mark synchronized display
    • Remote diagnostic reports
    • Strict user management
    • Diagnostic process tracking

    Magnetic axis motor and Bar Magnet

    • Extent feasible 215mm
    • Rated thrust 2.7N
    • Clock frequency 60MHz
    • Rated current 0.8A
    • Acceleration thrust 10.8N
    • Acceleration current 3.4A
    • Thrust destiny 1.1kf N/amp
    • Motor NN distance 30mm
    • Self-inductance 1.0mH


    • Grating type RGS20-S steel strip grating
    • Resolution 50nm

    Line camera

    • Sensor Three-wire CMOS
    • Pixel 2048*3
    • Pixel size 14.08um*14.08um
    • Overall data rate 246MHz
    • Filling factor 100%
    • The maximum line speed 40KHz

    20x Objective (Olympus)

    • Magnification 20X
    • Numerical aperture(NA) 0.75
    • Working distance(WD) 0.6mm
    • Field number(FN) 26.5