• Embedding Center

Embedding Center

The TEC 2800 Embedding Center contains TEC 2800-M Embedding Dispensing ConsoleTEC2 800-C Cryo ConsoleTEC 2800-T Thermal Console and PT 290 Paraffin Trimmer as a complete embedding system.


TEC 2800-M Embedding Dispensing Console

TEC 2800-M Embedding Dispensing Console is designed for total efficiency and offers a user-freindly workstation that delivers absolute optimized operation in both hospitals and medical research institutes. 


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TEC 2800-C Cryo Console

The TEC 2800-C Cryo Console consists an advanced compressor that can cool the paraffin blocks repidly. The Teflon coated surface guarantee a minimum of ice formation and easy clean. Temperature is adjustable from 15℃to -15℃.

TEC 2800-C Cryo Console can also be used as a stand alone unit near the microtome.


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TEC 2800-T Thermal Console

The TEC 2800-T Thermal Console suits processed tissue specimens in any type of cassette, and embedding mold. 
The capacity of paraffin tank is 2.5 Liters.


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PT 290 Paraffin Trimmer

The PT 290 Paraffin Trimmer is a designed to remove excess paraffin from the embedding tissue cassettes. Compact tabletop design fits in all laboratories.


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