• Art / Planning Tables

Art / Planning Tables

  • - PT Series SS

Designed to be used in most any environment from art and general planning to sewing and model construction.

The base is constructed of two tapered solid maple pedestal style panel legs and two solid maple truss bars. The unique way the top is attached prevents the table from racking or rocking. The table is finished with an earth-friendly UV finish. Choose from plain, book compartment or tote tray units. Book compartment measures: 34-1/2"W x 12-1/16"D x 2-1/4"H. Each tote measures: 13-1/2"W x 19"D x 3-1/2"H. Other choices include standard height (30"H) or elementary height (26"H), and the choice of 1-3/4" solid maple top or 1-1/4" plastic laminate with 3 mm PVC edging in either birch or almond color. Overall size: 60"W x 42"D.

PT-62M26 Plain 26"H Maple
PT-62M Plain 30"H Maple
PT-61M26 Book Compartment 26"H Maple
PT-61M Book Compartment 30"H Maple
PT-60M26 Tote Tray 26"H Maple
PT-60M Tote Tray 30"H Maple
PT-62PNB26 Plain 26"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-62PNB Plain 30"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-61PNB26 Book Compartment 26"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-61PNB Book Compartment 30"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-60PNB26 Tote Tray 26"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-60PNB Tote Tray 30"H Natural Birch Plastic Laminate
PT-62P26 Plain 26"H Almond Plastic Laminate
PT-62P Plain 30"H Almond Plastic Laminate
PT-61P26 Book Compartment 26"H Almond Plastic Laminate
PT-61P Book Compartment 30"H Almond Plastic Laminate
PT-60P26 Tote Tray 26"H Almond Plastic Laminate
PT-60P Tote Tray 30"H Almond Plastic Laminate