Clam Shell Restrainer for rodents

Clamshell Restrainer

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The Clam Shell Restrainer is a unique device for rodents where the head cannot be placed in a standard restrainer.

This is another unique design only from Kent Scientific. The clamshell restrainer has the features needed for demanding research. The restrainer telescopes, so it can be adjusted for long or short animals. The front neck plates are thin and have a V shaped slot, as the top plate is pushed down, it quickly adjusts to the proper size of the neck to restrain the animal.

The main tube of the restrainer is hinged and completely opens. The animal can quickly and easily be placed in the restrainer without disturbing any connections or instruments on the head. The tail is also completely available for blood pressure measurements, blood samples, etc.

The RTBP031 Warming Pad and Controller can be added to the restrainer for warming the animal for tail blood pressure monitoring, tail vein sampling, or other procedures.


  • Head out design
  • Easy animal insertion
  • Opens completely
  • Fully adjustable
  • Hold animal securely

    Cat. No.Description
    CLAM001Clam shell restrainer for rodents over 500g
    CLAM002Clam shell restrainer for rodents 350-500g
    CLAM003Clam shell restrainer for rodents 250-375g
    CLAM004Clam shell restrainer for rodents 150-250g
    CLAM005Clam shell restrainer for rodents 75-150g
    CLAM006Clam shell restrainer for rodents 50-100g
    CLAM007Clam shell restrainer for rodents 30-60g
    CLAM008Clam shell restrainer for rodents 20-40g