WeatherLink® USB Data LoggerWeatherLink® USB Data LoggerWeatherLink® USB Data Logger

WeatherLink® USB Data Logger

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WeatherLink® USB Data Logger

Add USB Data Logger to your Vantage Vue/Vantage Pro2 console or Weather Envoy, and view data on your PC with WeatherLink Computer Software (download for free at or online at WeatherLink Cloud solutions: and WeatherLink Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).

Communication Protocol
Data Channel Characteristics1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14,400 and 19,200 baud (softwareselectable),RS-232, half-duplex, data only (no CTS or RTS)
Functional Specifications
Power5VDC from console, 5mW maximum consumption
Operating Temperature+14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Data Logger Functions
Control FunctionsSet archive interval, set/clear calibration numbers, set Longitude/ Latitude, set Year-to-Date rain total, set/clear alarm thresholds, clear total values, set time/date.
DownloadData may be transferred automatically to your computer once an hour using the Auto Download command. More frequent downloads can be selected to support Internet file transfers. Only new archive data is transferred during the download.
Data Logger Archived Data
The Data Logger stores up to 2560 archive records (one 52-byte record per archive interval) for later transfer to your computer. The archive records are stored in 128K of non-volatile memory; protecting the data even if the console loses power. Maxima, minima, averages, and totals are taken over the archive interval.

Contents of Package

  • Data logger with USB mini-connector
  • 8' (2.4 m) USB Mini-B connector cable