• Densito 30PX Portable Density Meter

Densito 30PX Portable Density Meter

  • - Densito 30PX

Features and Benefits
Temperature compensation
To improve the accuracy of density measurements, the result must be corrected for the sample temperature. Densito precisely measures the temperature of the sample and also to choose a temperature correction coefficient before each measurement. Therefore measured easily and quickly different types of samples.
Clearly visible measurement cell
The air bubbles and impurities in the measurement cell is usually the cause of bad results. The cell Densito is visible at any time.
Controlled sampling
With Densito, speed sampling can be adjusted to manual tasks. Slow for viscous samples to avoid the formation of air bubbles and fast for efficient rinsing of the cell.
External sample
Ideal for sampling viscous samples: Densito allows connection of an external syringe.
The backlit display shows the results using large numbers. It uses clear language and a simple user interfacing it.
User Guide
With the buttons with pictograms, Densito easy to use.
Results storage
Densito backup until 1100 results including sample identification, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument identification, date and time.
Data Transfer
You can transfer data to a PC or printer using the infrared interfacing. The PC software is included in the unit.


Measuring range 0 to 2 g / cm3. Resolution 0.0001 g / cm3
Precision +/- 0.001 g / cm3
Temperature range 5-35 °; Resolution: +/- 0.1 °; Display: ° C or ° F