Large Capacity Mixer for orbital shaking or vortexing

Large Capacity Vortex Mixer

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The Large capacity Mixer allows orbital shaking or vortexing. The versatility of the large capacity mixer makes it a perfect choice for any laboratory.

The unique design of this system allows for a variety of mixing applications to be handle with one unit. Whether you need gentle, orbital-type shaking or more vigorous vortexing of a sample, the large capacity mixer can fill both needs.The unit is also designed to handle a wide variety of vessels from micro centrifuge tubes to large vessels such as Erlenmeyer flasks. The interchangeable cartridge system allows the user to quickly switch from one type of vessel to another, or to mix more than one type of vessel at a time. Custom cartridges can also be designed for special applications. The cartridges are made of high-density urethane and ABS plastic.

The variable speed control allows for a speed range of 0-1500 rpm. At the low end of the range, the sample is mixed with a gentle, orbital motion. The high end of the range will mix the sample with a vigorous vortexing action. The patented pulsing feature can be used to interrupt the mixing process, to join upper and lower strata, for more thorough mixing.

The DC motor, with filtered control, allows the large capacity mixer to run smoothly, quietly, and prolongs the operating life of the unit. A momentary power switch gives the operator one-finger, off/on control for quick mixes.

Whether you need an orbital shaker, a versatile multi-vessel vortexer, or both, the large capacity mixer will handle your mixing needs without shaking up your budget!

Speed range0-1500 rpm
Size (WxDxH)17 x 12 x 10 in.
Electrical Rating180VA, 50/60Hz


Cat. No.Description
099A LC1012Large capacity mixer base, 120V
099A LC1024Large capacity mixer base, 240V
099A LC1024CECE certified large capacity mixer base, 240V
099A LC1000Blank cartridge, 1/16" non-slip pad
099A LC1001Pair of blank cartridges, 1/2" thick
099A VC960196 well plate / 1 plate
099A LC960496 well plate / 4 plates
099A VC212502125 ml Erlenmeyer flask / 2 places
099A VC25002250 ml Erlenmeyer flask / 2 places
099A LC12512125 ml Erlenmeyer flask / 12 places
099A LC25006250 ml Erlenmeyer flask / 6 places
099A VC108410 mm Eppendorf tube / 84 places
099A VC123612 mm Cryo tube / 36 places