• Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Convenient kit includes everything you need to start testing

Meter package includes HQ30d Portable Meter, LDO10101 optical dissolved oxygen probe with 1m cable, meter stand, BOD bottle and stopper for calibration, 4 AA batteries, quick-start guide, user manual, and documentation CD

Dissolved Oxygen
Method Range
10360 Direct Measurement, LDO Probe (EPA) 0.20 - 20 mg/L


Power 4 AA batteries; life of the battery:> 200 hours
Power AC / DC optional
Languages Au choix : anglais, français, allemand, italien, espagnol
  • Displays readings for one or two probes
  • Simultaneous readings for two probes
  • LDO probes: dissolved oxygen
  • pH probes: pH, mV, temperature
  • Conductivity sensors: the selected parameter, temperature correction, temperature pressure, temperature
Data Memory 500 results
Data Storage
  • Consistent survey data GLP / ISO stored with calibration details. Calibration details and check standard readings documented as events in the log.
  • Automatic storage mode "press to read" mode and interval measurements.
  • Manual mode Storage "continuous play".
Exporting Data Download via USB connection to a PC or flash memory key. Automatically transfer all of the data logger, or as the taking of statements.
Correction / Temperature Compensation Off, automatic and manual (correction depends on the setting)
Display Lock Function Fashion continuous measurement or "press to read" available with averaging function for LDO measures.
Keyboard External connector for PC
Sealing Sensor Housing: Immersion to 1 meter