• Process Indicator Tape

Process Indicator Tape

for Steam Sterilization

The Process Indicator Tape is designed to seal packs that are exposed to steam sterilization.

The tape distinguishes between items processed and unprocessed in both gravity discharge and pre-vacuum steam sterilization processes. Designed for use in gravity sterilizers operating at 121˚C for 30 minutes or pre-vacuum sterilizers operating at 132˚C for 4 minutes and 135˚C for 3 minutes. Easy-to-handle, adheres on contact and stays in place through live steam pressure. After use, the tape removes quickly and completely. Made of a saturated crepe paper printed with white indicator lines that turn black once exposed to the steam process. It is coated with a dry natural rubber based adhesive.


Technical Data

  • Color: Natural with printed white indicator lines
  • Backing: Saturated crepe paper
  • Adhesive: Dry natural rubber based
  • Thickness: 6 mil (0.15mm)
  • Adhesion to steel: 25 oz/in (6.7N/25mm)
  • Tensile strength: 20 lb/in (87N/25mm)
  • Elongation: 7%
  • Meets International Standard: ISO 11140-1:2014
  • Meets US Specification: CID A-A-54589A
  • Approved as a Medical Device per FDA: 510(K) #K140940
  • Always consult instructions from manufacturers of sterilization units concerning the recommended sterilization cycle.



Tape is a single use device that is interpreted for appropriate signal color after processing. Indicator lines on the tape turn black when exposed to proper steam sterilization conditions.


Ordering information:

Code Description Case
411014118CS 18mm x 55m 48 Rolls
411014124CS 24mm x 55m 36 Rolls