• Biological Indicator for Steam Sterilization

Biological Indicator for Steam Sterilization

MagnaAmp is a self-contained biological indicator ampoule for monitoring steam sterilization of liquids in containers or washer sterilizers.

The MagnaAmp biological indicator ampoules contains Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores and a specially-formulated culture medium that turns a dramatic yellow if spores grow.

The MagnaAmp provides easy visual confirmation of sterilization within 48-hours, without the need for difficult and time-consuming laboratory work.

  • 48-hour results
  • Small (1ml), conveniently shaped ampoule
  • Designed to sink in container
  • Negative controls are included with each box of product
  • No laboratory required
  • Dramatic color change
Storage Certification
Refrigerate at 2-8°C. MagnaAmp® biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection and certified
for population, D-value, z-value, Fo value and performance.


Species Catalog # Min. Population Sets/Box
G. stearothermophilus MA/5 1.0 x 105 50
G. stearothermophilus MA/6 1.0 x 106 50