Biological Indicators for gamma radiation industrial sterilization processes

Biological Indicators

  • Autoclave Validations
  • EO Sterilization
  • Steam Applications

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MesaStrip® is a conventional paper strip biological indicator for monitoring steam, low-temperature steam formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, dry heat, chlorine dioxide, and gamma radiation industrial sterilization processes

MesaStrip® contains bacterial spores on a filter paper carrier sealed within a convenient, peel-open glassine envelope.
To use a MesaStrip®, simply place the envelope inside a product or product package. This “inoculated package” is placed in a sterilizer and processed. Upon removal from the sterilizer, the inoculated package is sent to the microbiology laboratory for transfer of the MesaStrip®. The BI is to be aseptically cultured in soybean casein digest medium and incubated at the appropriate temperature.

  • Autoclave Validations
  • EO Sterilization
  • Steam Applications
  • Irradiation Sterilization
  • Multiple Species Available
Store at room temperature.

MesaStrip® biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection
and certified for population, D-value, z-value (steam) and performance.


SteamG. stearothermophilus105
SteamG. stearothermophilus106
Ethylene Oxide and Dry HeatB. atrophaeus106
Gamma RadiationB. pumilus106
Chlorine DioxideB. atrophaeus106
Dual Species (Steam / EO and Dry Heat)G. stearothermophilus
and B. atrophaeus
105 / 106
106 / 106
Low Temp Steam FormaldehydeG. stearothermophilus106