Moisture Tester shows when to ensile, bale, pick corn

Moisture Tester

with Specimen Container

  • NAC31174NY

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Tells you when to ensile, bale, pick corn, and put grain into bin or crib.

Especially valuable to determine correct moisture content to help prevent combustion and the formation of fatal poisonous gases. Consists of a small portable electric drying unit that furnishes thermostatically controlled heat and a container with a screen bottom in which to weigh and dry samples. An instruction chart is included that indicated drying time for various crops. Moisture range, 15% or less for barley, shelled corn, oats, rye, and wheat, 20-25% for cob corn and hay, 45-60% for haylage, and 60-65% for silage. 110-120V AC. One-year warranty.