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Color corrected infinity optical system

The CCIS optics allows new accessories and functions to be incorporated into the AE31 inverted microscope. The CCIS infinity design has succeeded in achieving longer working distance objectives with higher numerical apertures. This represents a significant development in optical performance and versatility.

The light source

The Koehler illumination system with a 6V-30W Quartz halogen lamp provides bright, even illumination at any magnification. The “only one in its class“center-able lamp is housed externally and has an externally operated mechanism for control of all facets of illumination. A segmented illumination intensity indicator is ideally located for easy viewing.

The revolving nosepiece

The revolving side-facing nosepiece accepts five objectives. It runs on ball bearings and has internal click stops so that the image remains centered after each change of magnification.

  • Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field view
  • 450 inclined and 3600 rotational binocular heads with the locked-in eyepiece. The left ocular tube with diopter adjustment +/-5dp. The interpupillary distance is between 55-75mm
  • Eyepieces 10X widefield (DIN)
  • Stereo optics Dual magnification 2X-4X
  • Illumination Upper and lower variable halogen 10W, 12V
  • 3-Way illumination which allows the upper and lower illumination to be on separately or simultaneously
  • Stage plate Frosted glass stage plate. Black/white reversible stage plates come standard with a microscope.
  • Stage clips Locked-on, stainless steel, spring-loaded stage clips
  • Dimensions 220mm (L) x 165mm (W) x 350mm (H)

AE31 Trinocular Inverted Microscope — Cat. No. PZ13700101

  • Siedentopf trinocular tube 450 inclined (light split 20/80)
  • WF PL 10X / 22 eyepiece, focusable with diopter adjustment and rubber eyecup
  • Side-Facing quintuple nosepiece
  • CCIS plan achromat objective PL4X
  • CCIS plan achromat phase objective Ph10X, LWD PL Ph20X
  • ELWD N.A. 0.30 (W.D. 72mm) condenser
  • Plain stage, glass and metal stage inserts
  • Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with external lamp house and intensity control
  • Phase centering telescope, central phase slider: Ph1, Ph3, brightfield
  • 45mm blue, ground glass, and green interference filter
  • Power cord, allen hexagonal key, vynil dust cover
  • Universal power supply 100-240V, CSA certified, CE

EF-INV EPI-Fluorescence Attachment — Cat. No. AZ1000090

  • Epi-Fluorescence attachment with filter cassette
  • Lamphouse HBO 100W
  • Collector lens
  • Mercury lamp socket for HBO 100W
  • Starter unit HBO 100W
  • Lamp centering tool
  • Mercury lamp HG-100W
  • UL/CSA power cord
  • Head: Available with either binocular Siedentopf 45° inclined eyetubes or trinocular. The trinocular version has a built-in slider to direct light to either the eyetubes or the trinocular tube with the light split 20/80. Eyepiece adjustment of the interpupillary distance between 50-75mm.
  • Eyepieces: Widefield WF10x / 22mm field of view. Diopter adjustment on both eyepieces. Includes rubber eyecups.
  • Nosepiece: Side facing quintuple nosepiece. Nosepiece is sealed to prevent any fluid spills from getting into the inner instrument mechanics.
  • Objectives: Color Corrected Infinity Optical System for clarity. Lead-free. Includes the following objectives:
    • CCIS Plan Achromat 4x / 0.10, WD 12.6mm
    • CCIS Plan Achromat Phase 10x / 0.25, WD 4.1mm
    • CCIS Plan Achromat Phase LWD 20x / 0.30, WD 4.7mm
    • OPTIONAL Objectives available include:
    • CCIS Plan Achromat Phase LWD 40x / 0.50, WD 3.0mm
  • Stage: Plain low-position stage has a hard-coated surface for easy cleaning. 200mm x 260mm. Includes metal and glass stage inserts. Optional mechanical stage can be supplied with inserts for more common cell culture vessels and standard glass slides. Auxiliary plates are available to enlarge the width of the working plate to 333mm.
  • Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing.
  • Condenser: The dovetail mounting of the condenser allows a quick change between the supplied ELWD NA 0.30 (WD=72mm) focusable condenser and the optional NA 0.50 (WD=28mm) focusable condenser. The one phase ring set covers both condensers and ensures maximum flexibility. When the condenser is removed, the maximum free working distance is 231mm. Includes 3-position phase slider with Ph1 for 10x/20x, Ph3 for 40x and brightfield stops. Includes phase centering telescope and centering screws.
  • Illumination: 6v/30w quartz halogen Koehler illumination with intensity control. Its centerable lamp house can be adjusted by external knobs without any special tool.
  • EPI Fluorescence: This microscope can easily be upgraded to EPI-fluorescence. Please call to inquire.
  • Filters: Includes 45mm blue, ground glass and green interference (546nm) filters.
  • Microscope Power Supply: 100v-240v variable voltage, CSA Certified, CE.
  • Extras: Includes allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover, glass stage plate, centering screws and power cord.
  • Warranty: Five year warranty excluding any electrical parts.