• Plain Apron Table

Plain Apron Table

  • - P7211K30N

Are available in a varietyof sizes, with several different top materials. These tables are built for years of dependable service. Legs and aprons are constructed of solid red oak, and are smoothly machined. They are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. Aprons are constructed of solid red oak and are 13⁄16"D x 4-1⁄2"H with heavy-duty 13-gauge steel corner braces. 2-1⁄4" square solid oak legs, with 5⁄16" hanger bolts installed, are attached to apron with nuts and washers supplied. All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable glides for precise leveling and for prevention of rocking on uneven floors. Tables are supplied with black rubber leg boots which offer protection against scuffing and chemical spills. Standard table height is 30" with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.


Size P. Lam ChemGuard Solid Phenolic Solid Epoxy No Top
21" x 48" P7161K30N P7162K30N P7164K30N P7166K30N P7160K30N
21" x 54" P7181K30N P7182K30N P7184K30N P7186K30N P7180K30N
21" x 60" P7211K30N P7212K30N P7214K30N P7216K30N P7210K30N
21" x 72" P7231K30N P7232K30N P7234K30N P7236K30N P7230K30N
24" x 48" P7101K30N* P7102K30N* P7104K30N P7106K30N* P7100K30N
24" x 54" P7201K30N* P7202K30N* P7204K30N P7206K30N* P7200K30N
24" x 60" P7601K30N* P7602K30N* P7604K30N P7606K30N* P7600K30N
24" x 72" P7301K30N* P7302K30N* P7304K30N P7306K30N* P7300K30N
30" x 48" P7121K30N P7122K30N P7124K30N P7126K30N P7120K30N
30" x 54" P7131K30N P7132K30N P7134K30N P7136K30N P7130K30N
30" x 60" P7141K30N* P7142K30N* P7144K30N P7146K30N* P7140K30N
30" x 72" P7151K30N P7152K30N* P7154K30N P7156K30N P7150K30N
36" x 48" P7171K30N P7172K30N P7174K30N P7176K30L P7170K30N
36" x 54" P7191K30N P7192K30N P7194K30N P7196K30L P7190K30N
36" x 60" P7221K30N P7222K30N P7224K30N P7226K30L P7220K30N
36" x 72" P7241K30N P7242K30N P7244K30N P7246K30L P7240K30N
42" x 48" P7111K30L P7112K30L P7114K30L P7116K30L P7110K30L
42" x 54" P7801K30L P7802K30L P7804K30L P7806K30L P7800K30L
42" x 60" P7901K30L P7902K30L P7904K30L P7906K30L P7900K30L
42" x 72" P7401K30L P7402K30L P7404K30L P7406K30L P7400K30L
48" Diameter P7481K30N P7482K30N P7484K30N P7486K30N P7480K30N