• Metric Standard Weight  Class 1

Metric Standard Weight Class 1

with handle


  • 10g - 5kg

Typical use of the standard weight class 1. Used for calibrating special analytical precision balances with an as low as 0.01 mg readability 0.1 mg, class 1 may be used as a reference standard for calibration of Other weight.
  • Stainless Steel Construction Class 1
  • Including: weight, Case & handling glove
  • Ask your accuracy certificate


Cat. No. Description
RI12944 10g weight
RI12960 Weight 20g
RI12962 Weight 30g
RI12964 Weight 50g
RI12946 100g weight
RI12979 Weight 150g
RI12981 Weight 160g
RI12948 Weight 200g
RI12966 Weight 300g
RI12968 Weight 400g
RI12950 500g weight
RI12983 Weight 600g
RI12971 Weight 1000g
RI12985 Weight 1500g
RI12952 Weight 2kg
RI12954 Weight 3kg
RI12956 Weight 4 kg
RI12958 Weight 5Kg