• Safe DNA Dye

Safe DNA Dye

  • (Ethidium Bromide Alternative)

Rethink DNA Dye
Safe DNA Dye  Ethidium Bromide
Non-mutagenic, environmentally friendly alternative Carcinogen and known mutagen
Standard UV transilluminator or non-UV LED (trans)illuminators compatibility (safer choice for user) UV transilluminator view compatibility causes dangerous exposure to user
Convenient safe packaging for long term storage Light sensitive hazardous carcinogenic,
storage caution


Safe DNA Dye
Safe DNA Dye
1 - Add to agarose gel during gel preparation (when the agarose has cooled to the pouring temperature).

For every 100ml agarose solution, use only 4-6 micron HydraGreen.
2 - Add to staining solution after electrophoresis is complete. (see protocol for details)
Safe DNA Dye Advance™
1 - Use during sample loading step:
Add to sample and load onto agarose gel. Ideal for precast agarose gel user.


ACACTIDMG04 Safe DNA Dye, 1ml