Handheld Homogenizer D160Handheld Homogenizer D160

Handheld Homogenizer D160

  • Speed control from 8,000 to 30,000rpm
  • Sample size 0.1ml to 250ml
  • 6 position speed control

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The Handheld Homogenizer D160 can rapidly homogenize, disperse, and emulsify samples from 0.1-250ml solids or liquid media depending on the generating probe.

The Handheld homogenizer D160 is ideal for:

  1. Ideal for mixing, emulsification, shredding, or chopping
  2. Practical answer for small samples
  3. Easy to hold and light weight for one hand operation
  4. Generators are made of 316L Stainless Steel with PTFE bushings
  5. Autoclavable stainless steel shafts are inert to aggressive solutions
  6. All shafts are interchangeable and are easily removed for cleanup
  7. High speed motor with speed control from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm
  8. Suitable for solvents & abrasive substances

During operation, the suspended material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor turning at up to 30,000rpm.

The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the probe where it is rapidly sheared and disintegrated by high shear. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is usually achieved in a few seconds.

Perfect for processing of lysis animal cells. Little, if any, heat is produced during the process.

Speed range:8,000-30,000rpm
Sample volume range:Solid/Liquid media volumes 1 - 250ml, tissue volumes 1 - 1000ml
Speed control:6 position control dial
Motor type:Universal motor, 130 Watt
pH range:2-13
Fineness:Suspensions & Emulsion 10-15 & 1-10um
Noise emission:54 dB(A) at 30,000 rpm
Dimensions:2.5L x 2.5W x 8H inches (drive only)
Weight:18lbs (with stand) 1.5lbs (drive only)
Voltage:110Volts, 60Hz