Compact shaking incubator for culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays

Shaking Incubators

Mini and Compact Models

DIN 12880

  • Available in 0.5 or 3.3 L
  • Independent Over Temperature Thermostat
  • Over Temperature Alarm

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SSI2 Mini Shaker

The SHEL LAB Mini Shaker is the most compact shaking incubator in its class. The standard platform (included) features a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays. A convenient universal magnetic platform is also available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique, magnetic attachment method is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes. A constant monitoring system verifies and maintains accuracy through the duration of the program. Sophisticated over-temperature and over-speed controls ensure long life, safety and sample integrity.

SSI2 Flask Clamp and Test Tube Rack Capacity
DescriptionPart NumberSizeMax #
Flask Clamp115052350 ml20
Flask Clamp1150512125 ml12
Flask Clamp1150511250 ml8
Flask Clamp1150510500 ml5
Flask Clamp11505431000 ml2
Magnetic Clamp11505381 microplate4
Test Tube Shaking Rack115051312 x 50 ml
21 x 15 ml
Test Tube Shaking Rack115053232 x 15 ml2
Test Tube Shaking Rack115053315 x 50 ml2
Bottle Shaking Rack11505344 x 500 ml1
Test Tube Rack Horizontal115053512 x 1.5/2 ml4
Test Tube Rack Horizontal11505364 x 15 ml4
Test Tube Rack Horizontal11505372 x 50 ml4
Dedicated Platform (clamps attached)64205015 x 500 ml1
Dedicated Platform (clamps attached)64205028 x 250 ml1
Dedicated Platform (clamps attached)642050312 x 1250 ml1
Dedicated Platform (clamps attached)64205044 x Microplates1
Magnetic Platform64205009.5 x 11.5 in.1
Spring Platform64205059.5 x 11.5 in.1

SSI3 Compact Bench Model

The SSI3 has a transparent hood that lifts up via a hydraulic system, so it can function in tight places. All of our shaking incubators feature stainless steel interiors which provide excellent durability and an easy-to-clean surface. Each unit has an easy-to-read LED display. The rotation platform is included with each unit and is self-centering for easy installation. The SSI3 includes a convenient, user adjustable counterbalance that provides optimal load flexibility and compensates for offcenter loads. The SSI3 features a small footprint and slim hood design to maximize space and functionality.

SSI3 Shaking Incubator Flask Clamp and Test Tube Rack Capacity
DescriptionPart NumberSizeMax #
Flask Clamp953052825 ml50
Flask Clamp953052950 ml50
Flask Clamp9530530125 ml25
Flask Clamp9530531250 ml25
Flask Clamp9530526500 ml10
Flask Clamp95305321000 ml6
Flask Clamp95305512000 ml4
Flask Clamp95305544 liter4
Flask Clamp95305556 liter2
Fernbach Style95305532.8 liter2
Test Tube Shaking Rack9751177
(100 Max)
10-13 ml3
Test Tube Shaking Rack9751178
(80 Max)
14-16 ml3
Test Tube Shaking Rack9751179
(60 Max)
18-20 ml3
Test Tube Shaking Rack9751180
(36 Max)
22-25 ml3
Test Tube Shaking Rack9751181
(29 Max)
50 ml3

Precise Temperature Control - Superior Uniformity

  • Independent Over Temperature Thermostat
  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Orbital-Shaking Speed Alarm
  • Digital Timer
  • Adjustable Orbit (SSI3 Only)
Exterior Dimensions (wxdxh)Inches11.3 x 15.8 x 11.522.0 x 25.5 x 28.0
cm28.6 x 40.1 x 29.355.9 x 64.8 x 71.2
Chamber Dimensions (wxdxh)Inches11.0 x 13.2 x 8.019.0 x 18.0 x 16.5
cm27.9 x 33.6 x 20.348.2 x 45.7 x 41.9
Incubator Chamber Capacitycu ft0.53.3
Temperature RangeCelsius5°C + Ambient to 70°C Increments of 0.1°C8°C + Ambient to 60°C
Temperature UniformityCelsius+/- 0.25%+/-0.5°C at 37°C
Orbital-Shaking RangeRPM30-30030-400
Timer FunctionalityMinutes1-9991-999
Maximum Loadlb (kg)9 (4)18 (8)

Specifications are based on nominal values at an ambient temperature of 25°C and a line voltage of 120V or 240V respectively.  The temperature data is determined in accordance with DIN 12880.  We reserve the right to alter technical specifications at any time.