• Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer

Ever since the revolutionary Model 420 was introduced we have been asked to add calcium measurement.

This has been accomplished without any reduction in the existing capability of the Model 420, due in part to the very well established aspiration, sample mixing and burner configuration of the original Model 410 system. The stable flame allows very efficient dispersion and thermal dissociation of the sample compounds leading to a reproducible emission of the elements under analysis.


  • Now with Calcium which can be measured with Na and K
  • Enhanced software improving accuracy and reducing errors
  • Fully interactive with New Model 860 Autosampler
  • Another Now Flame Photometer from the Experts
  • Automation

    The New Model 860 Autosampler fi ts entirely within the dimensions of the Model 805 Diluter giving the smallest footprint available. The Model 860 Autosampler is integrated with the Model 425 operating system with a bi-directional connection. Operation couldn’t be simpler. Pressing Blank and Calibrate buttons on the Model 425 sends the Model 860 probe to the blank and calibrant vessels on board the Autosampler carousel. The system, after calibration, is ready for the run to begin. Press Measure and walk away! The Model 860 automatically detects the last sample and fi nishes the run.


    Na with K

    • Essential clinical elements for electrolyte balance
    • Animal metabolic testing in Pharma companies
    • QC of Infusion fl uids


    • Biological samples (with pre-treatment)
    • Food Samples

    Ca with Na

    • QC in Paper Mills
    • Cement

    Ca with K

    • Plant studies
    • Soil Testing
    • Fruit juices
      Na K Li Ca
    Measurement Range into Flame 0-40 ppm 0-20 ppm 0-100 ppm 0-100 ppm
    Display range 0-199.9 0-199.9 0-199.9 0-199.9
    Sensitivity to show 100 units 0.5 ppm 0.5 ppm 2.0 ppm 5.0 ppm
    Detection Limit 20 ppb 20ppb 50 ppb 0.50 ppm
    Specificity < 0.5% interference from an element at the same concentration of the element under analysis
    Linearity ± 1 % at 50% of the displayed value
    Model 860 Autosampler
    Samples Measured 40 x 2 ml
    Volume required 200 µl
    Blank and Standard 10 ml on board
    System Speed > 60 per hour for two channels