Implantable Data Logger

Implantable Data Logger

  • Temperature
  • Activity
  • Long battery life – typically 3 years

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Overview of changes in animal activity over time. Minimally invasive, leadless, and simple to implant

Ideal for use in physiological and behavioral research on animals.

Key features

  • Leadless, minimally invasive
  • Small, size 46mm x 15mm and 19g
  • Long battery life – typically 3 years
  • Stress-free long-term studies
  • Guaranteed accuracy and performance

Minimally Invasive

The DST centi-ACT simultaneously measures long-term activity and core body temperature in the animal. The logger is simple to implant and is made from ceramic housing to guarantee biocompatibility.


The logger is ideal for a variety of studies including those looking at behavior, vaccinology and stress response, in the fields of laboratory animal research, wildlife research and animal welfare.

Overview of Changes in Animal Activity Over Time

Measuring acceleration derived activity gives researchers the chance to get an overall view of changes in the study animals’ activity over time. The DST activity data logger measures acceleration in three dimensions, in relation to earth‘s gravity field.

Stress-Free Long-Term Studies

The activity logger has a battery life of over 19 months, when using a sampling interval of 10 minutes. The logger is especially useful when a comprehensive data set throughout the research is needed with no disturbance to the animal.

Different Measurement Intervals

Optionally, the loggers can be programmed with up to multiple different intervals within a measurement sequence. This can, for example be useful when different intervals are preferred during the day or night and can save battery and memory at the same time.

Guaranteed accuracy and performance

Every logger is individually calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. We guarantee the loggers’ accuracy and performance for one year after purchase.

SensorsActivity (3-axes acceleration),temperature
Size (Diameter x Length)15mm x 46mm
Housing MaterialAlumina (Ceramic)
Weight (in Air/in Water)19g/12g
Data Resolution12* bits for temperature, 13 bits for acceleration
Acceleration Resolution4 mg
Acceleration Accuracy+/-32 mg
Temperature Range5°C to +45°C (41°F to 113°F)**
Temperature Resolution0.032°C (0.058°F)
Temperature Accuracy+/-0.2°C (0.36°F)
Temperature Response TimeTime constant (63%) reached in 20 sec.
Memory TypeFLASH
Memory Capacity279,620 measurements per sensor (if all parameters are recorded simultaneously)
Memory Capacity Bytes2097152 bytes / temperature 1.5 bytes, acceleration 6 bytes
Memory MangementUser programmable sampling intervals for each sensor
Sampling IntervalUser specified in second(s) minute(s),or hour(s)
Minimum Measuring Interval1 second
Multiple Intervals OptionUp to 7 different intervals
Primary/Secondary OptionTemperature as primary, Activity as primary
Data Retention25 years
ClockReal time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month.
CommunicationsCommunication Box, wirelss transmission when DST sits in the box. Connection to PC: USB cable.
Attachment Hole0.9 mm (diameter)
Battery Life3 years***
Replaceable BatteryNo

*Adjusted resolution
**Outside ranges available upon request
*** For sampling interval of 1 minute; activity and temperature recorded simultaneously. 
Warranty: 12 months
Specifications may change without notice.