• Subsea Temperature Logger

Subsea Temperature Logger

  • Temperature Range: -2°C to +40°C (28°F to 104°F)
  • Pressure Tolerance: Max. 11000 m / 1100 bar
  • Size: 25mm x 130mm

Robust standalone sea temperature logger for long-term deep water deployment.

Reliable and accurate measurements, large memory size and replaceable long life battery

Ideal logger for monitoring sea temperature in deep oceans. Can be easily attached to moorings, buoys and nets.

Key features

  • Compact and durable for deep water deployment
  • Long life replaceable battery
  • Large memory size
  • Easy to attach to gear

Compact and durable for deep water deployment

This robust miniature sea temperature logger is designed for long-term deployment and to withstand harsh conditions subsea up to 11 km depth. The oceanographic instrument is durable with its robust and non-corrosive titanium housing, dimensions 130 mm x 25 mm. A plastic housing version is also available, for use <400 m.


The Starmon mini-Ti sea temperature logger is designed for use in ocean environments. Examples of applications:

  • Sea temperature logging in oceanographic studies
  • Temperature monitoring in offshore oil and gas projects
  • Attached to fishing gear for fisheries research, scientific and commercial
  • Geothermal and well logging

Long life replaceable battery

The battery typically has a long life of over 10 years. Actual lifetime depends on sampling interval used and frequency of use. The battery is replaceable.

Large memory

Standard memory size is 262,000 measurements but can optionally be increased to 524,250 measurements.

Easy to attach to gear

The logger housing has holes for mounting to moorings, buoys, nets, deployment lines etc. For more flexible mounting a stainless steel tube can be supplied, which fits around the logger.

Sensor Temperature
Size (Diameter x Length) 25mm x 130mm
Housing Material Titanium
Weight 190g
Temperature Range -2°C to +40°C (28°F to 104°F)*
Temperature Resolution 0.001°C (0.0018°F)
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.025°C (0.045°F)
Temperature Response Time 6 seconds
Pressure Tolerance Max. 11000 m / 1100 bar
Memory Type Non-volatile EEPROM
Memory Capacity 262,000 measurements (standard)
Memory Increase Option 393,750 measurements or 524,250 measurements
Memory Mangement Custom programming
Sampling Interval User specified in second(s) minute(s), or hour(s)
Minimum Measuring Interval 1 second
Multiple Intervals Option Up to 2 different intervals
Data Retention 25 years
Clock Real time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month.
Communications 9 pin RS-232C serial cable w/USB serial converter.
Attachment Hole 2.8 mm (diameter)
Battery Life 10 years**
Replaceable Battery Yes

*Outside ranges available upon request.
** For a sampling interval of 10 minutes.
Warranty: 12 months.
Specifications may change without notice.