in-vitro environment CO2 Incubators

CO2 Incubators

  • Available in 5.3 or 8.4 cu.ft.
  • iCAN Touchscreen Control
  • TC or IR CO2 Sensor

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Protect valuable samples while optimizing cell growth.

Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ 150i and 240i CO2 Incubators with Stainless-Steel Chambers provide the ideal in-vitro environment. Clean, reliable and easy to use, they feature fast recovery characteristics and a convenient touchscreen user-interface.

iCAN Touchscreen Control

Door-mounted for easy accessibility and viewing Convenient on-screen user prompts for simplified measurement and control navigation Choice of languages Changes in culture environment visible on screen logs and usage recording Visual monitor alarm

TC or IR CO2 Sensor

Standard thermal conductivity (TC) sensor features accurate gas sensor technology Infrared (IR) sensor features exclusive split-beam technology for precise CO2 control in fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions

Rapid Humidity Recovery

Large, directly heated water reservoir Recovery times are up to five times faster than conventional water pans Water level alarm with audible and visual alerts

O2 Control with Auto-Cal

TypeUnitHeracell 150iHeracell 240i
Internal Volume:l150 (5.3 cu.ft.)240 (8.4 cu.ft.)
External (w x h x d)mm637 x 867 x 782780 x 934 x 834
inch25.1 x 34.1 x 30.830.7 x 36.8 x 32.8
Internal (w x h x d)mm470 x 607 x 530607 x 670 x 583
inch18.5 x 23.9 x 20.923.9 x 26.4 x 23.0
Weight (excl. accessories)kg7081
Shelves full width (w x d)mm423 x 465560 x 500
inch16.7 x 18.322.0 x 19.7
No. of shelves standard/maximumno.3/103/12
Max. load per shelf/total loadkg10/3010/30
Shelves half width (w x d)mm260 x 500
inch10.2 x 19.7
No. of shelves standard/maximumno.6/16
Max. load per shelf/total loadkg5/30
Interior chamberstainless steel/solid copperstainless steel/solid copper
Shelves, fan impellerstainless steel/solid copperstainless steel/solid copper
ContraCon decontamination routineverified by accredited laboratoriesverified by accredited laboratories
Decontamination phase, on all surfaces°C/hrs90/990/9
Period (ambient temperature 20°C)hrs2525
Efficiency spectrumbacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23),
bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23),mycoplasma
Temperatureair jacket temperature controlair jacket temperature control
Temperature control range°CTA1 +3 … 55TA1 +3 … 55
Temperature deviation, time2/spatial2K± 0.1/± 0.5± 0.1/± 0.5
Ambient temperature range°C+18 … 33+18 … 33
Constant humidity3%rH95 ± 395 ± 3
Fill amount/water qualitylmax. 3
distilled/autoclaved and demineralized
max. 4.5
distilled/autoclaved and demineralized
Measure and control rangeVol – %0 … 200 … 20
Control accuracyVol – %± 0.1± 0.1
Inlet pressurebar0.8 … max. 10.8 … max. 1
Gas purity%99.5, medical quality min.99.5, medical quality min.
Measure and control rangeVol – %1..21 / 5..901..21 / 5..90
Control accuracyVol – %± 0.2± 0.2
Inlet pressurebar0.8… max. 10.8… max. 1
Gas purity%99.5; medical quality min.99.5; medical quality min.
Electrical Data
Rated voltageV1/N/PE AC; 230 (120)1/N/PE AC; 230 (120)
Rated outputkW0.58 (0.62)0.64 (0.65)
Rated frequencyHz50/6050/60
Heat emission to environment
at 37°C
with ContraConkWh/h0.110.25