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UV transilluminator

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Maximize your quantitative imaging with the new FirstLight® UV Illuminator! Unique design provides extremely uniform UV illumination, which is critical for accurate quantitative analysis

UVP has received the prestigious "Photonics Circle of Excellence" Award from Laurin Publishing for the FirstLight® UV Illuminator! The award recognizes this instrument as a technically innovative product.

The FirstLight® UV Illuminator represents a unique highly uniform excitation source for quantitative fluorescent imaging in a wide range of genomic and proteomic applications:
  • Electrophoretic separation and quantitation of 1D and 2D protein separations
  • Solid phase immunoassay
  • DNA quantitation
  • RNA quantitation

Application Note describes use of the FirstLight® UV Illumination instrument for use in quantitative DNA and protein analysis.


Main features
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range are consistent across the illumination surface
  • Software correction of uniformity is no longer required
  • Accurate gel to gel comparison
  • Uniformity now supplies <5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area

When used with UVP’s BioImaging System and CCD camera, the configurations provides a low cost solution compared to laser scanning

  • Construction design includes an electronic ballast for increased stability and reduced power consumption
  • Compact size
  • The illuminator includes a Gel-Cutter, Focus Target and UV Blocking Cover


  • Universal power supplies provides increased operational ranges
  • UV Source: 302nm UV grid
  • Dimensions: 11D x 14W x 5.63H in. (279 x 356 x 143mm)


  • Gel Tools
  • Converter Plates
  • UV Blocking Eyewear


Part Numbers
110-15 230V Model UV Wavelenght Filter Size
95-0365-01 95-0365-02 FI-20 302 nm 20x20cm
95-0366-01 95-0366-02 FI-26302 nm 21x26cm
95-0364-0195-0364-02 FI-26X 302 nm 25x26cm