Econometric Area Air Sampler

Econometric Area Air Sampler

  • EC-1

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The Staplex® Model EC-1 is a basic, economical area air sampler - powerful enough to performfull-day workloads for inspection sampling, adjacent sampling or clearance sampling. Opendesign minimizes decontamination.

Fully adjustable locking flow control valve allows flow rate setting up to NIOSH Method 7400 maximum of 16 LPM and EPA A.H.E.R.A. maximum of 10LPM.

Includes dual intake filter/muffler system for exceptionally quiet operation, in-line on/offswitch, thermal overload protection, grounded 8' cordset, non-skid bumpers, carrying handle, flexible tubing, and separate fold-away cassette stand for vibration-free sampling to 60" (152 cm)height.

Suitable for mobile or fixed operation in normal non-explosive atmospheres

Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 4" x 5" x 12-3/4" (10 cm x 12.7 cm x 32.4 cm).
Weight: 9.5 pounds (4.3 kilos).



Model EC-1 Econometric Air Sampler110-125 volts AC, 50-60 Hz, complete with cassette stand
Model EC-1Asame as above for 220-230 volts AC, 50 Hz (also know as Model EC-2)
Model EC-1-12VSame as above for 12 volts DC (draws approx. 13 amps) [no on/off switch]
Model EC-1-12VBCsame as above for 12 volts DC with battery cables (draws approx. 13 amps)
Model EC-1GEconometric Air Sampler with Vacuum Gauge 110-125 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
Model EC-1GAsame as above for 220-230 volts AC, 50 Hz