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Mechanical Flowmeter

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The model 2030 series Digital, Mechanical Flowmeter is a compact, general purpose instrument for flow measurements in rivers, estuaries, canals, sewage outfalls, and offshore applications. It is ideal for determining water speed, volume, or distance.

The Flowmeter incorporates a precision molded rotor coupled directly to a six digit counter which registers each revolution of the rotor and displays it in a fashion similar to that of an odometer. The counter is located within the body of the instrument and is displayed through the clear plastic housing.



  • Corrosion-Free operation
  • Ballasted for dynamic in situ stability
  • Unlimited depth capability




Overall Length21.3 cm (8 3/8")
Standard Rotor Diameter6.98 cm (2 3/4")
Low-speed rotor diameter16.5 cm (6 1/2")


Your choice of impellers

Standard Impeller
For use in oceans, rivers, canals, open channels or with towed nets. Measures current speeds from 10 cm/sec through 790 cm/sec. Comes with 6-digit counter that measures 999999 counts which is equal to approximately 14.5 nautical miles. 3½" diameter plastic impeller.
Low Speed Impeller
Same as standard, except features a 7" wide two-blade gray impeller that has more surface area so it senses slower currents. Measures currents from 2 cm/sec to 100 cm/sec. Designed for use in water that appears to be stagnant or along dams. Available with either 6 digit counter which measures 999999 counts which is equal to approximately 14.5 nautical miles or 7 digit counter where 9999999 is equal to approximately 145 nautical miles. (Mechanical version only) Replacement Low Speed Impeller converts standard Flowmeter to low speed.
Extendable Wading Rod (Optionnal)
3 ft. aluminum rod extends to 8 ft. to measure currents from river banks, bridges or any areas where it is difficult to reach. Connects directly to Flowmeter by the stainless steel axle pin. Unit has three 3-ft. aluminum sections.


Cat. No.Description
GO2030R-00Flowmeter with Standard Impeller - 6 digit counter
GO2030R6-0Flowmeter with Low Speed Impeller - 6 digit counter
GO20307R6Flowmeter with Low Speed Impeller - 7 digit counter
GO2030W-00Extendable Wading ROD, 3" at 8".